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Update 5: Reputation Item Revision Developer Diary

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At work, please can you copy + paste and post it here. :)

Reputation Item Revision

By: Elliot 'Avon' Gilman

The reputation items have seen a slight revision in Update 5 that significantly changes the way they work. Gone are the days of holding onto a stack of reputation items to turn into the appropriate reputation NPC to gain some faction points! Gone are the days of having an inadequate stack size to turn in! Gone are the days of completing a series of quests before turning in a greater tier of reputation item!

Welcome to the new world of instant-rep-gain items!


In Update 5 your reputation items can be used in your pack to instantly gain faction points associated with the item. Simply use the item and your reputation standing will increase.

Obviously, this change has made some of the barter NPCs obsolete. We have removed those NPCs and the quests that required you to collect and turn in a number of reputation items from the game. Other Barter NPCs and their associated quests will still exist in the game world. These NPCs will still accept your reputation items and will happily offer you other rewards for them, like potions.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will I accidently use my stack of reputation items for a faction I’m already kindred with?

A: No. You will only use so many reputation items to reach kindred. Attempting to use a reputation item when you have max rep will be barred.

Q: I like to sell or trade spare reputation items. Can I still do that after Update 5?

A: Of course! These reputation items can be mailed, auctioned, traded, or stored in your shared storage. Or, if you like, you can sell them to a vendor.

Q: Did anything change with the Moria factions and/or reputation items?

A: There are now reputation items that can be found in Moria that will raise your reputation with either the Iron Garrison Guards or the Iron Garrison Miners.

Q: It seems like I’m getting less reputation now. What’s going on?

A: The old method of gaining reputation required you to turn in, usually 5 or more. As you no longer require a stack, each item represents a fraction of the reputation one could obtain by turning in the stack.

Q: Did anything change with the way crafted reputation items work with the guilds, or how they can be exchanged for greater reputation?

A: No. The recipes and turn in of crafted reputation items remains largely unchanged. Remember that you still need to have reached a level of reputation in a craft guild to exchange your reputation items.

Q: I went to exchange my reputation items for potions (or other items) but the NPC isn’t cooperating. What’s going on?

A: Chances are the NPC has a quest for you to complete (like an introductory reputation quest) or requires you to have reached a certain level of reputation before allowing an exchange.

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Unfortunately, it does leave me waiting for the "other shoe to drop", which is bad really. But, as I said earlier, "as written", it certainly has potential goodness.

Why am I looking for the other shoe though? Well, frankly, it's Turbine, and on its face, it would seem to have impact on the store (task resets). So, are the anytime, anywhere, rep items that will now give less per use (proportional) be limited to how many you can use per day forcing you to the store if you don't like the limit? 5 rep items per day, anyone?

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Now now... not so mistrusting. This is a 'make life easier' enhancement!

Please understand that I'm speaking out of observations over the past several years. Of late, many quality-of-life enhancements have been tied to a greater TP expenditure. Remember the "re-vamp" of legendaries? ;)

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Damn you turbine! How dare you release a Developer Diary with nothing for me to complain about.

Indeed! I have to say this is a very welcome change. What I thought about it came down to "If Turbine can't add Rep Items to the Wallet, this is a nice second option".

I had the similar thought of "What's the TP catch?" I mean, I'll be re-labelled a "malcontent" <winks to Bellus>, but twice-bitten is thrice-shy.

There's actually an interesting update on that point, I'll PM you.

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Please understand that I'm speaking out of observations over the past several years. Of late, many quality-of-life enhancements have been tied to a greater TP expenditure. Remember the "re-vamp" of legendaries? ;)

I have to stop trying to use sarcasm in writing... ;)

But seriously I don't think they will add some paywall around handing in reputation items... they're not that interesting. I do believe however they simply made these new items to be able to sell reputation in the store and not just to make our life easier.

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