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Cant register at lotro.com


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Got a major problem! Last night I downloaded Lotro, but I can't make an account at lotro.com. When I've entered all my details and press sign up today, it just refreshes the page without sending me an email or whatsoever. I've tried it in several browsers but the problem persists.

I'm not sure if you're able to help me here, but I can't post on the official forums since you need a Turbine account for that, which I can't create.

Anyone familiar with the problem, and what can I do to still get me an account for this (I think) great game?

Thanks in advance.

Greets from The Netherlands.

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Well, same problem here. Dowloaded LOTRO yesterday and now i can't register. I tried the link above, tried different usernames, even tried my real name and i don't think anyone is using it (Essaidikerim). I always end up on the page and it says Your submission contained an error. Please try again. Code: #FTx5QUDNGPD.

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guys i know this was a long time ago but i still have the same problem i can't register at lotro please help

​Did you try what post #2 was suggesting?  Maybe using alternate link via https://signup.lotro.com/lotro.php?lang=en-US will help.

lotro.com tends to crash a lot for me today as I attempt character copy to Bullroarer, so it´s not just on your end. If nothing else, try again tomorrow - if they expect players to participate in beta this weekend, they better get in gear and fix it soon.

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