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Hunter build for PVmP

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Hey everyone. I was just wondering if any fellow hunters can share what build seems to work best for them in the moors. I would also be interested if anyone is willing to share their tactics for successfully dealing with those pesky wargs 1v1.

Also, to along with the build... there is also debate on how much vitality and morale to stack at the cost of some agility. what is everyone's opinions on this. go for high damage, lower morale in the moors, or stack some vitality and morale at the expense of some agility?

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I'll be interested in any responses to this as I have a level 15 hunter alt. Unfortunately this forum isn't very strong on techniques for actual game play. I guess it's because some don't like or play LOTRO, and those who do like it are too busy playing it.

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I'll give you my set up. I got bored on my warg so I’ve been rolling my hunter in the moors.

1. Traits

4 red: Barbed fury,Critical Eye,True shot,swift and true. You can look up the wiki descript for these, anything that helps your critical hit and IPS damage is a good way to go.

2 blue: deadly precision, strong draw. Again more IPS damage and focus addition on a critical. Stay in precision stance as you should be able to get 3 IPS off, intent concentration to refocus and another 3 IPS off. Any of them crit it’s another shot. The induction of intent concentration is a problem if you are melee.

1. Yellow: heightened senses. Tracking wargs in stealth is a good skill to have. the -10% power cost on ranged attacks is a nice bonus.

2. Virtues: tolerance,honor,fidelity,zeal, valor. Goal here is to get morale boosts and get as much tactical mitigation as you can. Wargs are your primary foe, if they traited correctly they will do shadow damage and that’s tactical based. Go 14 on all of them.

3. Consumables (assumes you are lvl 75)

Simple fire oil: buy them at the hunter trainer 5min cool down. The 20min ones you get from the AH are nice but a waste of money as you will be dying a lot.

Bow Chants supreme breach finder: this chant allows you the chance to bypass part of the enemy’s armor.

Tomes: depending on need use westfold tome of the whisper draw for morale, or westfold tome of the wind rider for power.

Chicken pies (trail food): +45 agility

Traps: I don’t use them much to be honest but I have them in my inventory. If you’re dancing around EC or at a keep you can drop on in a doorway.

4. Jewelry. I have a supreme jeweler alt (westfold whatever the highest rank is) So I have crafted most of the new great river items. Still using a pocket item from the epic line (cant remember the name) it looks like a little statue of a griffin, +80 agility and 336 crit rating, I don’t raid so I haven’t gotten one of the high end drops. The greater river jewelry set (2 earrings, 2 bracelets, 2 rings and the necklace) will net you 441 agility, 1677 morale and several other bonus’s (like crit rating). You can run through the great river and get the rep stuff, I didn’t.

5. Armor :Your going to need the PvP armor for the audacity, there is really no way around it as a hunter. It’s going to cost you 35000 commies to get. There isn’t one set that stands above and beyond the rest so I’ve found that getting 2 of each to get the 2 set bonus’s and max agility to be the best option. See below


1=Predator Set

2=Entrapment Set

3=Precision Set

Helm: 2 7500

Shoulders: 3 6000

Gloves: 3 4000

Jacket: 2 7500

Legs: 1 6000

Boots: 1 4000

total commies 35000

6. Agility: once I am done accumulating all the armor pieces I will be around 1450 agility maybe 1500. I can’t rationalize anything higher because it would require me to wear non PvP armor. Audacity is important so if you can get to 1400-1500 agility you should be alright, I’m getting some good crits with it.

7. Morale: As a hunter you are going to be the first target. You would think light armor first but smart creeps know, RK’s, mini’s and LM all have specific skills to stun or self heal, hunters have nothing except “cry of the predator” which doesn’t help. Bards arrow has a fear as well but once you’re in melee you’re pretty much screwed anyway. The lower your morale the faster you will die, however I’m out with 7500 buffed and I’m still being taken down fast by 2 wargs or targeted fire. You’re going to die a lot as a hunter, improved strength of the earth and press onward don’t help much so don’t over think morale. 7k is a good target, more is better obviously but don’t give up that 1400-1500 agility for it. Also as you’re working on gear and if you’re around 6300, come out anyway the difference between 7k and 6250k morale doesn’t mean much when a warg pack is on you.

8. Game play: You’ll learn as you go but chances are you are going to be pounced by a warg. If you’re solo and its more than one warg it’s likely you’re going to die unless someone comes along. Solo warg? Immediately IPS, as many as you have then dazing blow, followed by intent concentration, 3 more IPS (your going to have to mouse turn here the warg will kite). After that you’re on your own, morale pot if you can, cry of the predator and run the other way to get some distance for an improved swift bow. If you got to that point you’ll like win.

Raiding up: don’t stand in one place and pew pew to long, your being watched. If creeps are around, wargs are nearby and they are waiting for a hunter to take a few shots from a BA, the fraid moves you are trying to induct on swift, they pounce your dead. Move with the group stay in the middle, even if your focus is nil, stay near the group. One exception here is the kill, if you think you can get a kill of an induction shot take it, even if the group moves away.

Solo: find hunting spots and use camo. Hoarhallow is a nice place to solo because creeps need to come down there and kill the mayor. There are other quests for them in that area as well. Find a decent vantage point to hunt and time your strike. You’ll be called an NPC hugger etc, blah, blah… It’s all about the kill. Slug pits are another decent place but it’s a one off, you kill a creep there his buddies will be all over the place fast they know there is nowhere for you to run. NPC’s and bridges. From time to time I stand there in camo and a creep runs by, they aren’t pulling they are just passing by to get to the otherside and run off the npc’s which will reset. Hit him with dazing shot, it will break in 2 seconds because the npc will hit em, so have swift bow queued up. Once that goes off run after the creep hitting IPS as you move, by the time you get 2-3 of them off he might have turned back toward you, watch the stun dot under his name, when it disappears try to improved dazing blow (good chance he tried to pot dazing shot out of confusion and his pot is on cool down). If you stun him, intent concentration and IPS.

Good luck out there!

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Thanks for taking the time to write all that! I must get back to levelling the hobbit hunter Brockle Snaffler now...

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Thanks for taking the time to write all that! I must get back to levelling the hobbit hunter Brockle Snaffler now...

Just remember as a hunter you are going to die over and over in the moors. Dosent matter how well you play your toon (ignore people who talk about skill, its irrelevant)hunters have very little survival skills. Easiest target in the moors, creeps know it so be prepared.

Good luck!

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