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Fear not!

I have plans for Wardens too. There is not a lot of information that I can put out now, but the main issues that I can see with Wardens are as follows:

(Spear) DPS: There is an optimal gambit. One. There needs to be other options for dealing damage.

(Taunt) Tank: Tank training wheels. Most everything deals with drawing aggro. Morale taps will likely get adjusted to allow for raid tanking. (This gambit line is one that I am going to keep looking at because, in the distant future, it might warrant an overhaul.)

(Shield) Tank: Preferred tanking, very solid line, good skills...minor changes here.

Things that are on the table:

  • Allowing the reduction in power for gambits to also apply to the masteries.
    Making Determination more attractive by adding some power regen and increases crit chance reduction
    Addition of effects that will allow for some Gambits to replace themselves when they are used (ex. Completing a Power Attack while under this effect would immediately fill the gambit bar with Spear, Shield, Taunt) All Gambit lines would benefit from this, the different stances would determine which gambit is altered.
    Enhancements to some of the Way of the Spear Traits/Trait Set bonuses
    Enhancements to some of the Way of the Shield Traits/Trait Set bonuses
    Enhancements to some of the Way of the Fist Traits/Trait Set bonuses

One thing that I will be up front about is Masteries. They are not likely to be turned into skills at any time soon.

Quelle: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5376664#post5376664

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