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One thing which I really love in LOTRO is the possibility to equip the chars with cosmetic outfits.

With RoR it is possible to put on cosmetics on the warsteeds.

Here 3 of my chars:

Hansilein with the Jule-Snowcreature-Outfit


I gave his steed a skin which is similiar to the forochel winter pony.



he got the equipbox of the Jule-feast. That was a tough grinding but I am quite happy with the result.



He wears a special 2hand-sword from the ettenmoors.

How does your chars and warsteeds look like ?

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I want to take this opportunity to point out two things:

1) some of those look great!

2) this is where Turbine should make their money. Not push craft XP on us and sell back the XP disabler on a per-character basis. Let us outfit and otherwise customize our horses and other fluff. People with cash will not only pay, they will pay without hard feelings. Good for business.

Oh yes and that's cool stuff. I think it's a much better customization hobby inside the game than housing.

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I splurged when the warsteed colour packs were half off and got my main a white hide and sea blue tack colours. (Gotta say.. going back to drab, grey default steed on alts is really tough now :( ):


I had some sort of elf warsteed cosmetics on Bullroarer server that still aren't on the live store for some unknown reason (though I've not checked since the last update):


I'm looking forward to the Yule Festival warsteed cosmetics. I'll have that in around two days I think. I'd love to have some more cosmetics, like Steed of the Champion set, but I can't justify paying so much for it.

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