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[Landroval] Weatherstock 2011


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Taking the thread from Harperella on the Codies boards:


I hope hte transition will be over by June 18th, I think I'd like to go and see this event. :)

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That was quite an interesting event!

We started at the Forsaken Inn, then rode up to the Weathertop. Lags were abundant, fun was too :)




Once, we hit a spot where we couldn't move on. After a minute or so we could crawl forward like a rubberband again.


Look at the ping! And it didn't get better the whole time ;)


Finally on Weathertop. Some people counted between 500 and 600 chars, plus the anonymous ones.



All in all, I guess there is at least one more server admin becoming grey-haired after that ;)

It was really an experience, despite (or maybe also because of?) the lag. The organization was awesome. "Bar tenders" giving away free beer and hope tokens, "security" defeating respawning mobs, a designated dance floor... Oh, and it was really neccessary to lower my graphics settings, so sorry for the bad quality ;)

I left early, but had fun!

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A few more pictures. It was great fun! Lag was extreme, so low rez, and I was in window mode to deal with the pictures and haven't cropped them yet. Had everything set to low so the music from the bands only lagged occasionally.

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It was fun, though my nerves were almost killing me, two of our band members crashed before we had to perform and they weren't able to log back in....after about an hour trying they finally could log on again, 15 minutes before 'our' show....I can tell you, I was sweating on my forehead.

But, looking back to it it was a great event, and we'll be there next year again... *O*

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