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It's very specific game. Game is about trading, crafting, pvp, teritory, politics, alliances, backstabbing and feel of space. Thrill from combat comes from risk factor and tactic, preparing, setting up your ship, etc and again - consequences of combat - remember that if you die you lose your ship.

Imagine Skyrim in space, without strong main story line that lead you through game and as an mmo & generally more hardcore game.

Game is about you being a citizen of space which try to have economy and politics that are 'realistic and make sense'. At least that was initial concept long years ago. Not sure how it panned out.

Game is done from ship. You can walk in station and have an avatar, but that's super limited and was introduced like 1 year ago and EvE has 10 years I think so it's just a side thing.

I've played long time ago and not for so long - so I don't know most things. I've stopped because I got too busy in RL and had to resing from playing and I did not came back to EVE cause I don't accept that they intorduced PLEX and character trading.

It's specific game - either you get fun from type of entertaiment it offers or not. There is definately more than just flying and shooting few NPC ships.

Unless there is some EVE vet on this forum - you would propably have more luck with trying to browse the net for "EVE Begginger" or something like that sites - I don't remember adresses or names of sites - but I do remember that EVE community created those back in the day and get info there about what EVE is about.

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I seem to remember Anglion plays Eve a lot, maybe he will be on later. I agree with Drul, I can see it's appeal but it's going to be a love it or hate it game, for me I didn't like it.

I don't play EVE much for a long while now. I just come back to it from time to time ;)

The game is deffinitely NOT about warping to x location, killing x number of enemies and warp back.

Drul gave a nice overview of it. The problem with explaining EVE is that...it's impossible to do it :) At least i can't do it.

If you will do only missions (and in the beggining that's what you will be doing) you can get the feeling that the game is about this warping back and forth and this is the time when majority of people on trail give up and never continue with EVE again. Especially when they see that the skills are trained in real time (so it takes loads of time before you can fly in a ship and with a equipment ready for nul sec space).

In reality the number of activities that you can do in EVE is huge.

The level of complexity in this game is beyond anything you know from MMO gaming world i would say. The game is super complex and that is why it's impossible to explain all. Loads of vets don't know everything about the game.

New Eden is such a huge world that i don't even wan't to take a guess on how long it would take you from getting from one end of the galaxy to another.

PVP is a huge part in this game but before you will get to nul sec it will take you a while. But i assure you that when you establish yourself in low sec and nul sec space, the game immediately become more interesting.

Risk is a big part as you will lose your ship you worked for for ages, if you are not carefull. This is another cause for people leaving the game early. Especially those coming from games like LOTRO where there are absoluteoy no consequences for beeing defeated.

Many events that takes place in EVE make it to the news headlines in RL (Jita protest, Asakai fight, recent theft of some alliance accounts that lead to the loss of couple of Titans the whole alliance was working on for ages :) - corporations vs corporations or alliance vs alliance espionage, politics and diplomacy at it's best. In this last case, a person from one alliance joined another one, became a trusted member, then an officer and then everyone from that alliance found out that he was spy and an undercover player of another alliance ;) Ofc Titans and many other things were lost already so not much they could do.).

The whole community is much more mature than communities in other games but gankers and all sort of other not so nice people are still there. Many things that you could get banned for in other MMO's in EVE are allowed. You have alot of freedom but not in high sec space ofc as you would be evaporated by CONCORD if you would attack another player in this space.

I would suggest to start reading EVElopedia as there are many guides for different things. It is one of the finest source of information on the game for you.

This popular pic shows the comparison of learning curve in EVE and other games :)


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Anyone ever play travian? May have some similarities with EVE - of course just a few similar things. Interesting game because you cannot do well without joining a "guild" and working on a team. Browser-based persistent game - you can play with people all over the world. Can be slow - but there are fast servers out there too - like the one I play on now - an 8x speed server.

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Nine year EVE vet here, and i concur with what others have said above. It is complex, very steep learning curve. Watch out for scams, you can be killed anywhere, it's just a bit harder in hi-sec. Unlike a lot of other games where there is leveling by action/questing, it isnt this way in EVE. Skills take real time to do, there is a skill que, and you can stack skills to train while offline. Death is expensive, never fly anything you cant afford to loose. Deception is everywhere, its a world full of liars, thieves and killers and it is all condoned by game mechanics. Smack talkin' will draw attention and get you dead, best to go on quietly about your business doing missions/mining, etc to build up your money and skills to fly better ships. It takes a long time to build all the skills to fly decent ships properly and to fit them properly. Read the forums, glean as much info as you can, your gonna need it.

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What mystifies me about Eve is why they went to all that trouble to create what is a really good character editor and then attach it to a game where you hardly ever see a player character.

You can buy clothes for your avatar in cash shop for real money.

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