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Is it just me or is gaming getting worse?

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I'm more worried about the people who remained clicking grass....

I'll admit I played Farmville for a bit.. and two other FB games that I can't remember the name of.. but that was when I'd first moved to England so only had my inlaws super old laptop that could barely handle the FB games. :P (Having to rebuy pretty much all my possessions meant a good PC had to wait a bit.) I admit it.. they can be addictive. I never spent real money on them of course. Just glad I realised how evil they are. :P

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I read about something really interesting and sad the other day: Cow Clicker Cow Clicker, The Making of an Obsession

What's scary about it is that it actually got followers, 50,000 cited in the Wikipedia article.. some paying $20 or more for improvements" to their cow, such as making it face the opposite direction.


Same thing. Made by a company of Peter Molyenux an industry veteran that was behind many well known games.

Half a million people clicking. It's mobile game for iPhones. People are fucking paying to uncover more layers and others are paying to cover (!!!!) and others do sit and mindlessly click squares.

I am just at loss of words.

Of course every game can be ridiculed and brought down "but you're just clicking things". Thing is I was always paying for illusion that covered it, (same as good book wrap few story making patterns into illusion of something new or interesting) and made it interesting and entertaining. Here is bare bones mechanic and people still don't care. Really I am losing my faith in humanity.

I think it's time for me to cut back of gaming, cut back on visiting gaming sites and forum and scale back to playing fewer games, single player and / or indie ones that still don't have this shit and to generally be much less emotionally invested in gaming. It evolved in some kind of monster - that does not give fun and disgust me. It's on same level as telemarketing tv programms, tv preacher programs and tabloids.

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Seeing these types of games (and I use that term very loosely) make me worry about the future of humanity. Why try to advance humanity when you can just give people a cube to click on for ever in the small hope of something, not that you will ever know what the something is.

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I still want to know what the hell this 'life-changing' thing is in the centre of that cube. I'd probably guess a lot of money but when it comes to Molyneux, he over-hypes so much that it might just be a picture of the winner...

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I have been watching Day Z, Wasteland (mod) running on Arma 2 on twitch.tv and it's been pretty fun to watch. Kind of a wierd sneaking, sniper type of PvP in a very real looking world. I also watch Arma 3 there - it looks very amazing - so nice graphics.

(I was never into any military games either until I started to watch these. I have never played almost any FPS - except Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age for a bit. It has mostly been MMOs for me).

Check it out live:


(see Sacriel's stream if he is on)

or watch:

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Most of the companies out there don't seem to care about their MMO's once they've released them. They seem to go, almost instantly, onto a maintenance level where they apply a few bug fixes and make a few half hearted attempts to introduce something 'new' every so often to keep the players thinking there might be something worth staying for,

Seems to me they have smaller teams these days which they shift onto new games as soon as one is released, leaving a skeleton crew to tinker with the existing games. Look at the way Cryptic/PWE handle Champions Online now. They have, for all intents and purposes, ignored it since release...all their efforts are going into STO and Neverwinter.

Only 'single player' game I play these days is Torchlight 2. That might be interesting for a while with all the mods that people are coming up with...

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