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Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)


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All these landscape changes to parts outside of where players are supposed to be makes me think they're getting areas nearby ready, and need to alter the edges so that they blend together. Especially since the coast part was altered, where the Grey Havens should be. I think that's a hint they're getting ready for the time when the Ringbearers set sail.

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Since the forum is closing down, I am dumping a couple of screenshots from a few years ago.

Additionally I would like to thank a certain poster here who showed me some insane exploits even when I had lost interest in exploring. Note, these exploits have been fixed for some time now.


I don't know if this exploit had any name but anyways I call it "Skystairs".





Behind the Forochel - Angmar passage:



Climbing the Endless Stairs from Foundations of Stone:


Only to be met by the ceiling...



Attempting to climb the Endless Stairs from Zirakzigil, stopped by an invisible wall:



Yoloing down from the invisible wall:




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