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Sapience/Rick Heaton cheating to win Guild Launch Awards

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So now it becomes obvious that Rick Heaton, Community Manager for LOTRO has been cheating to try to win this award. He edited players forum signatures (without their permission) to tell other players to vote for him - with a link to the vote on the Guild Launch site - and pretended it was a joke. Now that the voting is over, he has changed those signatures again (without players permission once again) to hide the evidence.

At this time we don't know if he has won, but it is likely since he posted "Vote for Sapience" messages and links in hundreds of players signatures - once again abusing his power as a community manager. Sorry, Rick, you can't really hide it - erasing the evidence does not mean people will not know you did this.

Hey! Did Sapience just take off the vote for me Sigs?

First I thought he was embarrassed, or Guild Launch told him to remove them or be disqualified, or someone at Turbine had a soul, or a conscience.

But then I just realized he lost and did not want to let anyone know. Or maybe he won and doesn't need the signatures for votes. Anyway - looks to me they are all gone. Oh, and: http://community.gui...013/stream.html


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I dont think there is enough fanbois left to win him anything. They say only a small population of players use the forums, and he and his cohorts have pissed off a huge portion of that group with their iron fisted antics. Had I known this contest was up again I would have done my voting. Im strictly part of the "Anybody but Sap™" party and I vote down party lines

Cheating to win an election, thats the American way.


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