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Class Changes Summary: Rune-Keeper

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(Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.)

Understanding your Rune-Keeper or "Oi, what have you done to my class?" By Raven-EU


Probably the biggest change in the Rune-Keeper class is how attunement works and affects our skills. In previous updates attunement has been used as a "gating" mechanism where stronger skills have been locked behind higher attunement. Attunement was also used to gate healing skills when attuned for damage and to gate damaging skills while attuned for healing. Some skills also had minor ties to attunement like Scribe's Spark dealing more damage with higher battle attunement, and Mending Verse costing less power to cast with more heal attunement.

With Helm's Deep this is greatly changed!

First off, all damaging skills are available from neutral attunement (or one battle attunement) and all healing skills are available from neutral attunement (or one healing attunement). There are no longer skills that unlock at 3, 6, or 9 attunement.

Second, skills are now divided into "builders" and "consumers". For example, Essence of Storm builds three battle attunement per use (in previous updates it built one attunement). In general, most "builders" contribute between one and three steps of attunement, but a few give more. Consumers on the other hand, use up *all* of your attunement, placing you back at fully neutral. While this may sound harsh it must be noted that consumers have a significant performance scaling from attunement.

Third, each specialization has traits that give all skills from that specialization a significant performance boost depending on your attunement. E.g. Solitary Thunder has a trait {insert-name-here} that gives +3% critical magnitude and +1.5% critical hit chance per battle attunement.

In previous updates, playing a Rune-Keeper has been much about rushing to maximum attunement and then staying there until the battle is over. A few dips occur when using utility skills or skills from the opposite side of the attunement bar. With Helm's Deep, Rune-Keepers will instead see a lot more action in the (attunement) bar! This does not mean that the three specializations will play in the same manner. Solitary Thunder will be the specialization where attunement is constantly jumping back to neutral, while Cleansing Flame will be much more like the past where attunement will be at max for the majority of the fights (except in AoE situations). Benediction of Peace will be somewhere in between.


The second biggest change (from a class mechanic point of view) is the complete removal of affinity. Armour of X is now a permanent Armour of Storm. Rune-sign of X is now a permanent Rune-sign of Frost (with a completely new function). Do Not Fall to X have been completely removed (and Essay of Exaltation have had its cooldown greatly reduced to compensate) and the mitigation buff from Fall to X have been folded into other skills (like Writ of Lightning) or traits (like Molten Armour). All-in-all there are simply not enough affinity aware skills left for it to make sense to keep this mechanic.

Skills and Traits By Xellor of Dwarrowdelf

Frost - Lightning - Fire - Heals - Middle Path

Removed Skills:

  • Fall to (affinity) / Do not Fall to (affinity)
  • Their Weapons Shall not Harm Us
  • Calming Verse
  • Distracting Winds
  • Writ of Cold (integrated into Writ of Lightning)
  • Frozen Epilogue
  • That Which Does Not Kill Us
  • Rune sign of Storm/Flame (see BoP for Rune sign of Winter)
  • Glorious Foreshadowing (now a trait within BoP)

General Skills (No Specialization Required):

  • Essence of Winter (+3 battle attune)
  • Flurry of Words (+3 battle attune)
  • Chilling Rhetoric (20 sec cd, -50% slow that breaks on first attack)
  • Essence of Storm (+3 battle attune)
  • Scribes Spark
  • Self-Motivation (1 min cd)
  • Scribe a new Ending (8 sec cd)
  • Steady Hands (40 sec cd, no induction)
  • Do Not Fall This Day (lasts for 300 sec)
  • Nothing Truly Ends
  • Improved Final Word
  • Shocking Touch (now deals damage in addition to daze)
  • (new) Break the Bond (1 min cd, removes cc effects)
  • Fiery Ridicule (1 sec cd)
  • Distracting Flame (+3 battle attunement)
  • Prelude to Hope (ticks every 1 sec for 8 sec)
  • Word of Exaltation (requires 1 heal attune, consumes all attunement)
  • Epic for the Ages (+3 heal attunement)

Solitary Thunder Specific Skills

  • Sustaining Bolt
  • Ceaseless Argument (easily accessible)
  • Vivid Imagery
  • Epic Conclusion
  • (new) Fulgurite Runestone
  • (new) Writ of Lightning
  • (new) Static Surge
  • (new) Concession and Rebuttal

Cleansing Flame Specific Skills

  • Smoldering Wrath
  • Writ of Fire
  • Essay of Fire
  • Essense of Flame
  • Scathing Mockery
  • (new) Volcanic Rune Stone
  • (new) Combustion

Benediction of Peace Specific Skills

  • Mending Verse (easily accessible)
  • Rune Sign of Winter
  • Writ of Health
  • Rousing Words
  • Rune of Restoration
  • (new/changed) Our Fates Entwined
  • (new) Bombastic Inspiration

Solitary Thunder

Major Changes:

  • ALL lightning skills usable on the move
  • Thunderous Words/Harsh Debate now have a proc chance on ANY lightning skill
  • TW/HD combine into Closing Remarks (see Tier 5 Trait)
  • Ceaseless Argument adds a +crit chance buff ***Edit when skill is implemented***
  • Vivid Imagery cd lowered to 1 min (Perfect Imagery removed)
  • Epic Conclusion, Shocking Words, and Sustaining Bolt now consume all attunement, and deal extra damage based on attunement
  • Shocking Words has 100% stun chance, duration increased based on attunement
  • New Skill: Static Surge (Frontal AoE, usable after receiving proc)
  • New Skill: Writ of Lightning (1 sec cd, +3 battle attune, lightning mitigation debuff)
  • New Skill: Concession and Rebuttal (3 min cd, modifies skills and reduces inc damage for up to 5 uses)

Specialization Bonuses

Base: Grants Writ of Lightning and Sustaining Bolt

  • +20% lightning damage

  • Writ of Lightning now applies the old Writ of Cold Debuff (8% induction, 5% attack duration)

  • Critical hits with lightning resores 2% power

  • +1% crit chance, +3% crit damage per battle attunement

  • Sustaining Bolt now heals

  • Critical hits cause the next attack to penetrate 10% of mitigations

  • New Skill: Static Surge

Traits: (Points/Tiers in trait) "Trait Name" (description at max rank)

Tier 1

  • (1) Grants Ceaseless Argument
  • (5) Increased Critical Defense (~2k)
  • (5) Shocking Touch (+duration/damage)

Tier 2

  • (5) Increased Crit Chance (5%)
  • (5) Increased Fate (~75)

Tier 3

  • (1) New Skill - Fulgurite Runestone (places stone that damages/stuns)
  • (5) Thunderous Words (15% chance to apply, adds +4% crit chance per trait tier)

Tier 4

  • (3) Improves Fulgurite Runestone, +damage (30%), +slow (40%)
  • (1) Grants Epic Conclusion
  • (5) Harsh Debate (15% chance to apply +3% Tactical Damage per tier)

Tier 5

  • (1) Grants Vivid Imagery
  • (5) Closing Remarks (+40% EC damage, +5% TW/HD proc chance)

Tier 6

  • (5) Fury of Storm (lightning skills apply +5% crit damage on next crit, stacks 5 times)
  • (3) Increases Vivid Imagery Targets (+3)

Tier 7 (Capstone)

  • (1) New Skill: Concession and Rebuttal

Cleansing Flame

Skill Changes: (to be continued)

  • Essay of Fire - no longer applies Writ of Fire, deals more damage
  • Scathing Mockery - no longer applies Writ of Fire
  • Essence of Flame - resets duration of Fiery Ridicule DoT
  • Smouldering Wrath - duration increases based on attunement

Specialization Bonuses

Base: Grants Smouldering Wrath and Writ of Fire

  • +20% fire damage

  • Writ of Fire tiers down instead of dispelling

  • Stacking Tact Mastery buff from Smouldering Wrath, decreased cd

  • Grants skill Essay of Fire

  • Stacking Master of Connotation buff (Next writ heals at 5 stacks)

  • +10% damage per tier of Writ of Fire on target, chance to apply DoT

  • +100% Smouldering Wrath damage, +30% initial Essay of Fire damage, Combustion spreads Writ of Fire

Traits: (Points/Tiers in trait) "Trait Name" (description at max rank)

Tier 1

  • (5) Increaded Tactical Mastery (760)
  • (5) Increases Heal and buff from Self-Motivation (30% of morale, 16%)

Tier 2

  • (5) Increased Fiery Ridicule Damage (10%)
  • (5) Stacking fire damage increase up to 5 tiers (5%)
  • (1) Grants Essence of Flame (+3 battle attune)

Tier 3

  • (1) New Skill: Volcanic Runestone
  • (3) Increased Essence of Flame damage (30%)
  • (3) Increases targets for Essence of Flame (3)

Tier 4

  • (3) Increases Volcanic Runestone damage (30%)
  • (5) Increase finesse (~2300)
  • (3) Armor Debuff from fire skills (-15%)

Tier 5

  • (1) Grants Scathing Mockery (+3 battle attune)
  • (3) Mystifying Flames, 30% chance to apply Fire mitigation debuff (-15%)

Tier 6

  • (3) Mystifying Flames debuff also reduces RK inductions (-30%)
  • (5) Increases fire DoT (25%)

Tier 7 (Capstone)

  • (1) New Skill: Combustion (AoE, consumes attunement)

Benediction of Peace

Skill Changes: (to be continued)

  • Essay of Exaltation - ground targeted, affects members both in and out of group, consumes attunement (+bubble/heal per attune)
  • Writ of Health - 1 sec cd
  • Prelude to Hope - Ticks every second for 8 sec

Specialization Bonuses

Base: Grants Rune-Sign of Winter (-10% inc damage, HoT) and Writ of Health

  • +20% healing and frost damage

  • Writ of Health tiers down instead of dispelling

  • Grants Rousing Words

  • +1.5% critical chance per attunement, +25% Epic for the Ages healing

  • Incoming Healing increased 5% per tier of Writ of Health

  • -40% induction time for 8 sec after a critical heal

  • Grants Skill Our Fates Entwined (rune stone that takes damage instead of allies)

Traits: (Points/Tiers in trait) "Trait Name" (description at max rank)

Tier 1

  • (5) Increaded Evade (5%)
  • (1) Grants Mending Verse (1 sec cd)
  • Increased will (~75)

Tier 2

  • (1) Grants Rune of Restoration
  • (5) Power over time affect added to Predule to Hope (20%)
  • (5) Increased Mending Verse healing (30%)

Tier 3

  • (3) Increases Rune Stone healing (30%)
  • (5) Increased Nothing Truly Ends morale/power (25%)

Tier 4

  • HoT added to Epic for the Ages (20%)

Tier 5

  • (4) Critical heals with EftA splash heal other allies (30% heal)
  • (5) MV, EftA, and RW apply heal to the caster (+20%)

Tier 6

  • (1) Grants Essay of Exaltation (ground targeted, consumes attunement)
  • (5) Increased bubble duration (6 sec), and Essay of Exaltation heal (25%)

Tier 7 (Capstone)

  • (1) New Skill: Bombastic Inspiration (HoT, stacks 3 times, heals on expiration based on # of stacks)

(Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.)

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Maybe i'll regret saying this, but i've liked - I might say that, only from class trees changes, my characters: a guardian, a cappy and a RNK would keep me playing. I'm returning now to the game, and the lack of end-game content is like a bad joke - and my guardian is at level cap since sunday. I know why players are so disappointed and turbine gives us Hytbold :(


Looking forward for a guardian class changes topic...

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