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Class Changes Summary: Hunter

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(Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.)

A group of players are in the process of putting together summaries of all class changes. Please post any feedback or suggestions here and I

will be happy to edit and adjust this post as need be.

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(Redit, Widoch, rctman, & bohbashum)

This is not a guide on how to play the hunter, or even a detailed description of every skill or trait. That information is easily found in game by checking out the tooltips using the traits menu. Instead, this guide will attempt to describe the main differences one will notice between pre-Helm's Deep hunters and the new live version.

A Brief Introduction

The hunter is becoming a much more specialized class to play. Where in the past a hunter could be DPS traited while still having access to multiple crowed control options or a survival hunter could still dish out intense DPS, this is no longer the case. Hunters will choose between 3 basic play styles. The huntsman line now focuses on speed and mobility by allowing the hunter to perform induction based skills while moving. In sacrifice, this hunter will have very little in the way of heals or crowd controls skills. The bowmaster line is designed towards a more traditional long range, high DPS, stationary hunter. This higher DPS sacrifices survivability and crowd control for the longest attack range of all trait lines. Lastly, the trapper of foes line has seen the most changes made. There are new types of traps, decoys that can be used to aggro mobs, added survivability traits, and more ranged crowd control abilities. As one would expect, mobility and DPS are sacrificed to achieve these benefits. In its current form, it is much more difficult to achieve a blended "jack of all trades" hunter as one could have in the past. As was stated earlier, the new build focuses on doing one job and one job only.

A majority of hunter skills are bestowed automatically as you level. These auto-bestow skills will be available no matter the trait tree you choose. When selecting a trait tree, you will see that it is built in tiers. For every 5 points you spend on your selected tree, a set bonus as described below is given. So, while a hunter may have different traits selected within a trait tree, every hunter receives the same set bonuses as given by their selected tree. Huntsman, Bowmaster and Trapper of Foes each have their own set of bonuses.

Traits below are described as either a buff, which will affect your stats and/or skills, or a skill which can be activly used at will. Some skill traits allow you to spend more points to improve that specific skill in a similar way Mounted Combat trees will. Set bonuses are described and are only acquired for every 5 points spent in the specific tree. For example, if you specialize in huntsman, spending points in bowmaster will not advance the huntsman set bonuses nor will it provide you with bowmaster set bonuses because that is not your specialized tree.

Fear not! It is a very simple test to adjust, reset and experiment with trait trees. So just play with it until you find what you like.


Skills Removed:

• swift stroke

• agile rejoinder

• hunter’s art

• cry of the predator

• fleetness(became trait)

• needful haste(became a trait)

• improved scourging blow(just regular)


Spec Bonuses

Skills Gained Through Specialization

• Scourging Blow

• Barrage*

*Range Attack Distance Maxed at 30m*

*Able to perform inductions while moving*

Additional Skills, and Buffs:

•Impact Arrows - Buff

o 5 Tiers – Physical Mastery Buff•Quick Draw - Buff

o 5 Tiers - -% All skill inductions• Strong Draw – Buff

o 5 Tiers - +% Damage Penetrating Shot• Quick Shot Focus – Buff

o 5 Tiers - +% focus from Quick Shot• Barbed Fury - Buff

o 5 Tiers - +% damage over time• Pathfinder - Buff

o 5 Tiers +% Find the Path Movement Speed• Precision - Buff

o Precision stance generates more focus• Blood Arrow - Skill

o 2nd Tier generates 6% max moral on critical• Exsanguinate - Skill

o 3 Tiers improved proc chance• Improved Intent Concentration - Skill

• Strength of Earth - Skill

• Shot Through the Heart - Buff

• Volley - Buff

o 5 Tiers - % chance of removing induction.• Bow of the Righteous

• Rapid Fire – Skill (Capstone)*

Set Bonuses

Tier 1 - Resolute Aim – Induction movement speed improvement

Tier 2 - Fleetness - 10% chance to trigger

Tier 3 - Barbed hindrance – Improved Barbed Arrow Damage

Tier 4 - Swift Recovery – Barbed Arrow % Swift Arrow reduced induction

Tier 5 - Earthborn – Focus gain when using Strength of Earth

Tier 6 - Improved Fleetness* - 10% chance to trigger

Tier 7 - Intensified Fire – Stacking physical mastery when using Rapid Fire

Traits of Special Mention


Spec Bonuses

Skills Gained Through Specialization

Pinning Shot*

*Range Attack Distance Maxed at 40m*

Additional Skills, and Buffs:

• Heart Seeker – Skill

o Two Tiers• True Shot – Buff

o 5 Tiers Mitigation Penetration• Critical Eye - Buff

o 5 Tiers Critical Rating• Press Onward – Skill

• Swift and True – Buff

o 5 Tiers Swift Bow Damage Rating• Fast Draw – Buff

o 5 Tiers -% bow induction• Perseverance – Buff

o 4 Tiers Press Onward Heal/Power buff• Quick Escape – Buff

o Low Cut root• Deadly Precision – Buff

o Critical hit generates focus• Strength – Buff

o 2 Tiers – Strength Stance Damage Buff• Draw Weight – Buff

o 5 tiers – Induction Bow Damage• Rain of Arrows – Skill

o 2 Tiers – Critical Chance/Multiplier• Hail of Arrows – Buff

o 2 tiers – On critical Rain of Arrow reset• Mercy Kill

o 5 Tiers – Merciful Shot Critical Multiplier• Burn Hot – Skill

o 2 Tiers• Bodkin Arrows – Buff

o 5 Tiers – Mitigation Bypass• In for the Kill – Buff

o Heart Seeker Bleed• Upshot – Skill (Capstone)*

Set Bonuses

Tier 1 - Needful Haste Increase – Increased Duration

Tier 2 - Shoot to Kill – Increased Damage

Tier 3 - Marksman – Decreased Cooldown on Crit

Tier 4 - Archer’s Mark – Crit Def Debuff Chance

Tier 5 - Crit Magnitude – Improved Bow Crit Chance

Tier 6 - Swift Mercy – Merciful Shot Improvements

Tier 7 - Hidden Stalker – Stealth and camouflage improvement

Traits of Special Mention

***Trapper of Foes***

Spec Bonuses

Skills Gained Through Specialization

• Lingering Wound*

• Decoy*

*Range Attack Distance Maxed at 30m*

Additional Skills, and Buffs:

• Tripwire - Skill

• Natural Extracts - Buff

o 5 Tiers - + DoT• Survival Gear - Buffo 5 Tiers - + Tac/Phy Mitigation

• Combat Traps - Buff

o 5 Tiers – Increased trap damage & reduced cooldown• Explosive Arrow - Skill

• Elusive - Buff

o 5 Tiers - + Evade• Rain of Thorns - Skill

• Explosive Powder - Buff

o 5 Tiers – Decoy & Explosive damage increase.• Endurance – Buff

o 2 Tiers improved stance BPE• Complex Mechanisms – Buff

o 5 Tiers – Trap Resistance Peneration.• Advanced Placement – Buff

o Changes traps to ranged, ground-targeted skills• Piercing Trap – Skill*

• Armor Rend – Buff

o 5 Tiers – Pen Shot applies debuff• Improved Distracting Shot - Buff

o 2 Tiers - -30 sec & - 60 sec cooldown• The One Trap – Skill (Capstone)*

Set Bonuses

Tier 1 - Deadly Decoy – Deadly decoy explodes

Tier 2 - Triple Trap – Set Trap becomes Triple Trap

Tier 3 - Strong Intimidation – Improve Fear Skill Buff

Tier 4 - Heightened Senses – Improved stealth detect, evade buff, trap cooldown reduction

Tier 5 - Purge Poison – Effects entire fellowship

Tier 6 - Sturdy Traps – Trap Grace Period Improvement

Tier 7 - Master Trapper – Trap damage and duration buff

Traits of Special Mention


Normal Skills

• Barbed Arrow – Lvl 4

• Swift Bow – Lvl 10

• Cry of the Hunter – Lvl 20

• Bard’s Arrow – Lvl 22

• Improved Swift Bow – Lvl 54

• Penetrating Shot

• Improved penetrating shot

• Quick Shot

• Improved Quick Shot

• Merciful Shot

• Improved Merciful Shot

• Distracting Shot

• Dazing Blow

• Improved Dazing Blow

• Blindside

• Low Cut

• Set Trap

• Purge Poison

• Focus

• Improved Focus

• Intent Concentration

• Passage of Nature/Shadow/Foes

• Bright Campfire

• Camouflage

• Beneath Notice

• Improved beneath notice

• Find the Path

• Desperate Flight

• Return to Camp

• All normal travel skills.

Skill Changes

• Stances: See below for full explanation

• Burn Hot: Receives cooldown reduction and duration increased based on trait line

• Bright campfire: +5 stealth detection

• Cry of the hunter: Granted at level 20, no longer stuns, still bubbles for 30 sec with knockback protection, increase run speed by 10%, breaks all CC on hunter

• Press Onward: 2m cooldown (30s with legacy)

• Bard’s arrow: No longer a trait and is automatically given to you. Adds 1 focus, 30s cooldown

Stances now provide a 10 second buff when selected in addition to ongoing buffs


• +1032 Finesse rating / 10 Seconds

• 1 Focus 5 Sec

• % Critical Multiplier


• +1717 Critical Rating / 10 Seconds

• 10% Ranged Damage


• +10% Evade Rating / 10 Seconds

• +1030 BPE

• -% Power Use

• Gives Chance of Heal on Quick Shot

New Skills

• Lingering wound - ToF: Ranged attack, bleeds every 2s for 8s, 3 sec cooldown. Damage tiers up for every extra use

• Explosive arrow - ToF: Heavy fire damage to all enemies around target; 1200 damage at 85, 30 sec cooldown

• Snakebite trap - ToF: 1 min cooldown, causes bleed and slow

• Decoy - ToF: Draws attention of nearby foes(gains agro) lasts 1 min or until destroyed, 1 min cooldown

• The one trap - ToF: Places a trap, heavy initial damage, bleeds, and slows. 1 min cooldown

• Pinning shot - BM: Does damage, 5s root, cost 3 focus, 8s cooldown

• Upshot - BM: No induction heart seeker like attack. Does more damage per focus consumed

• Exsanguinate - HM: Blood arrow has chance to unlock, heavy bleed (545 per 2 secs, for 10s) 45s cooldown

• Barrage - HM: Damages, does increased damage through repeated use. Cost 3 focus 3s cooldown

• Rapid Fire - HM: For 10s focus bow skills cost no focus, 1m 30s cooldown

Legacy Changes

Main-hand Major

  • Changes not yet in BETA

Main-hand Minor

  • Changes not yet in BETA

Class Item Major

  • Needful Haste Duration - Chances are this will change as this is now a trait.

Class Item Minor

  • Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance - Agile Rejoinder skill no longer exists so this will be removed and replaced

(Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.)

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