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Extra Credits on Collectible Game Monetization.


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have you seen these 2 videos yet?






i think they touch on some very key elements happening in the industry, beyond just collectible card games.


& i really appreciate the finger pointed squarely at the mobile market.


also, i wonder if Kate & Fernando Paiz are fans of Rage of Bahamut?


anyway, for your consideration.

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The Extra Credits videos are a real eye opener!


This finally explains where Turbine got the stupid ideas for their current loot system from. The reasoning seems to go like: We make instances into elements of a collectable game system. Let the players play the instances over and over. The trick is that you can reduce quality of the instance to almost nothing because the players are sucked into the system of collectables (crafting recipes, gold loot). So you can avoid spending a lot of money only by attempting to suck the players into a gear grind game. The big battles are just a natural extension of this idea.




Only... this may work for mobile games and it already gave them a bad name. I cannot believe that this will do anything else to a game like LoTRO than destroy it. Here at least the initial set of players expects a lot more than such a cheap attempt at substituting gaming fun with pulling players into an addiction.


Now a lot of things suddenly make sense. Turbine has to get rid of the initial players really fast because they might see through this plot and tell people what is really going on. Turbine has to make the switch to the brainless kind of players that would like this addiction really fast and decisive. We have to be pushed out of the game or at least marginalized completely. Now everything that is happening in game development and official community makes total sense! And this all started when Turbine decided that Zynga should take over LoTRO development...

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Nice videos. 


Kinda sums up what I hate in games.




It is really good for developers and gaming industry in regards to profits, but collectible game monetization is something I will not participate.


Of course when you think of it a little bit more you'll realize that even before F2P came, in many ways P2P games(including Lotro) also were increasingly

evolving into and adopting "one arm bandit" design.  Partially they were like this from the start as inseparatable part of being an RPG game, but they just evolved into this more and more as time passed.



For me there is no "fixing it" as Extra Credits videos seem to imply.  Collectible card-like type of monetization is simply bad at it's core.  There is no fixing it when I look at it from my person player point of view.


IF I would be an developer or investor of an f2p game with "collective card design"- I would certainly try to figure out how to keep 'one arm bandit design and monetization' AND to not drive away my player-clients at the same time. Because monetization wise, selling "lockboxes" is something of an incredible potential and VERY COST-EFFECTIVE.   (like outlined in EC part 1 video).

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to continue the subject...


i reluctantly add this Ray William clone because, (as annoying as i find his presentation & sensationalistic edit cut-ins) the basic point of the following video is that an industry pushing the addiction/gambling type of game-play hard and fast, will very likely result in more & more regulation.




so much in the above presentation needs to be qualified/clarified, but the style of the video doesn't really lend itself well to the subject & frankly is a bit of a hack job.


i hope someone revisits the subject matter & does a better job in presenting the material.  but this is fairly new & i thought i'd link anyway, as these topics are starting to pop up more...


& given our own experiences with LoTRO, & what is happening in the wider industry, it is no surprise.

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extra credits are awesome :)


in my little spare time (lol, joke) I do an online course ~5hours a month on game development. long story short about how there a really bad education facility, the forums there are awesome and EVERY SINGLE VIDEO they make rallies up huge discussion.


there is a video I'm surprised you didn't link in with these.



if you have the time and really interested in the subject of "game addiction" and it's going to come up in a big way over the next few years I could suggest a few studies.


but one is the best and is still extremely relevant no matter what any idiot with a paid for college degree will say.



there is an extremely powerful quote in here that I want to point out if you don't watch it all the way though


Its a woman, lets say she's 23 years old and she's heavy set.

and she lives in a small town.

and she's got to take care of her mother so she can't move out of that small town.

and since she was 11 years old she's been at the bottom end of the social ladder.

she goes online she can choose a different body, not the heavy set one,

and suddenly the angle inside of her is release and is validated by these people who have no idea what she looks like

I can't blame that person for spending a lot of time in a synthetic world.

yes I agree there is a problem in that situation but the problem is not with her, it's with us. 

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