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Helm's Deep 11/22 "Hotfix" Notes


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Please note, items lost will not be replaced with this hotfix. They will be returned to you at a later time


well that stole our skills , so who is suprised they are stealing our gear as well.


Maybe they realised they broke lotro and are trying to make a new mmo, only they have no money to do so, so they are stealing bits from lotro one Cloak and skill at a time:)



Someone should go keep watch at the Rift or Ost dunhoth in case they start to disappear as well.


Mark my words , in a couple of months all that will be left will be hytbold, mounted combat, big battles and Sapience

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Easier to remove items that conflict with the NGE than it is to repair them. Probably get an email with shitty gold compensation for it. I can see them taking LIs, purchased rep items, you name it. Nothing is sacred, not even earned items, because as we know bottom line is money, not player respect or enjoyment or even cordial relationship. Likely they'll claim a hack and you'll not see any worthwhile compensation. It may even be a poor attempt to force people to grind to replace stuff. Not Gonna Happen.

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