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MMOs require significant time for a players stand point, so one a player has found a game they like they spend a lot of time playing it and are not interested in doing this in multiple games at the same time.  There is simply not enough players to make lots of games successful.  WOW had huge success so everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon and over saturated the market.  Too many games not enough players.

The best thing now is for a break in the release of new MMOs for a year or 2.  Let players play through the games they are doing just now.  Then in a couple of years they are more likely to want to try something new

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The traditional style MMO sure seems to be dead. And I think what we will se in the future will be hybrid-type online games, like The Division or Star Citizen. Heavily instanced persistant worlds where you can play with your friends. 

Kinda sad to see EQN cancelled, but not surprised.

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