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It will never be on sale for the next year I think. Might be worth waiting to buy though.


It is still an awesome game. I love how easy it is to pick up and play. Very fun - crafting and reward for game time and learning to play well. You don't need to ever fight and can still have a blast sneaking around and raiding other people's forts.


Right now the alpha main branch is frozen - playable but no more updates. They have redone the whole game from point 1 and added many things.


Soon they will switch over to the new branch, and keep the old to play for fun. They are redoing everything - models, items, crafting system, adding biomes, water and swimming, etc. It will be pretty amazing. Right now the new land and biomes are coded in - you can try it but not play all features yet.


But I estimate it will be 3-4 months before the new branch has everything coded enough to play a good game. The final version will be incredible.


Want to see a very open game company? Read about their development.


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