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Goodbye Dear Codies! Thank you for your patience, commitment and most importantly - huge hearts - that some of you have shown to us. We will miss you!

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,

and never thought upon

The flames of Love extinguished,

and fully past and gone

Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,

that loving Breast of thine

That thou canst never once reflect

on Old long syne.

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Sniff, well that was intense. How lovely to see so many of you around in our final hours though. There were some very red eyes in the office!

You guys have been brilliant, in every way. Thanks so much for the support, for the kind messages and for playing with us.

Let's hope we can group up and kill some stuff together as "civilians" on the US service :)

Please keep in touch!

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On Laurelin was a fun finish to a happy four years, a nice party in Bree, with lots of singing and dancing, and Sincilbanks and Satine.

I am almost sure there was cake...but I couldn't find it. Thanks again Codies...you will be missed. ;w

Screenies to follow... soon

It started with a few...


and grew...


and grew...







Thanks Codies!!

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Well it's all go atm as we try and get the US side set up. So far so good.

Hope the Evernight guys enjoyed beating on me as I enjoyed converting some of you over the Pony for 3 points. See you all in a couple of days with our new hosts :)

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I am in your pics Kremlin, well you see my name!

Here is some of my pics from the past few days on Laurelin...

My link enjoy!

And thanks codies!

*Edit* And I am the very pale blue dressed female elf with Wig_Feld on in your early pictures also Berrilac. Nice Pics BTW. :)

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Can only repeat my post from the Codies forum;

Dear Codies team, there's not much to add to the things I said in my email then yet again a big THANK YOU! for the great time.

Again today, with GM +Aldonzak accompanying us Gilrainians in the 21st Hall till very last seconds before the server shut down; it's been a terrific time.

I hope our paths do cross again sometime.




I rushed to 21st as soon as I heard there was something going on there, but if I knew the Pony was the place to go to I would have gone there, but I haven't read the proposals for the Pony idea so I didn't know.

I do hope the EU community will keep in touch this way, I'll try to visit these forums daily now :)

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Thank your CM, you gave the players a goodbye they will never forget, including yourselves I can asume.

Words can't describe how it felt to be there, I'm glad I took the day off.

I shall not say farewell, because paths will cross again. I will say 'safe travels'


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I am so emotional right now, feel a little silly about that but I -will- miss all of you from CM. It's like reading the last page of a very exciting book, knowing there is a sequel but with different characters..

If you ever see a sweet looking damsel hugging a goblin on Laurelin,( yes, she has a soft spot in her heart for those little critters, although she doesn't hesitate to smash their little heads to smithereens just for the sake of Middle earth ) wave at her, she'll be ever so happy. -O-

Thank you, Codemasters, for years of pure fun in the best MMO I have played, and still do.

*bows her head and slaps an annoying young goblin on it's head*

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