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Update 12.3 Release Notes


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Of Special Note
As we continue to balance and adjust the difficulty of the game, players should be aware that Monsters are more likely to use their stronger attacks as of this update.
By player Request
The sparring timer has been adjusted. Spars will now last a maximum of 10 minutes instead of 3.
Release Notes
Some players using older hardware were not seeing characters render correctly. This has been addressed.
The different versions of the Tactics buffs now stack with one another.
Vital Stroke now actually reduces the cooldown of Grave Wound as advertised.
Shield of the Dunedain no longer stacks with other sources of Defence or Incoming Damage reduction.
Tripwire no longer has an identity crisis when you have the Master Trapper set bonus.
Press Onward is properly spelled in the Combat Log.
Barbed Arrow can no longer be used while moving unless you are a Huntsman.
Your bow will now correctly sheathe and unsheathe when using your skills.
Fixed an issue with Human Male Hunters sinking into the ground while moving and using Barrage, Blood Arrow, Exanguinate, and Penetrating Shot.
"Firm Grasp" will now enhance the Daze from Blinding Flash.
Call to Ioreth will no longer infinitely stack on players
Call of Eärendil is now categorized in the appropriate skill types
Trait "Enduring Morale" should no longer be suppressed when mounting a War-steed
Players who are not specialized in "The Protector of Song" will no longer override each other's Anthems.
The "Free Call to the Steed" buff should no longer make your War-steed slower. Nor should it be able to stack infinitely.
Several of the Warden's physical bleeds dealt true damage, bypassing all mitigations. These bleeds have been converted to inherit your weapon's damage type and scale in potency with your weapon's strength, and will now be reduced by monster mitigation. Damage has in general been tuned upwards to partially compensate.
Shield Tactics will now protect against Stun, Daze, and Knockout Combat States.
Mounted Combat
Fixed an issue with weapons not being sheathed when combat ends.
Fixed issues causing player weapons to not always display in combat while riding a Warsteed.
The Ettenmoors
The Coldfells Provision now sells Westemneet potions and salves.
Monster Player consumables now clear level 95+ effects.
Epic Battles
Fixed typos on some of the text related to the multi-user interface on catapults.
The Call of Orome and Earendil Damage Legacy scroll properly mentions Call of Earendil now.
The Frying Pan will no longer vanish from your hand when entering into combat mode.
The Minstrel class quest "Song of the Hopeful Heart" has been fixed, and can now be completed. (For really real!)




Pretty much an adjustment/fix Patch


Mob's getting adjusted is a good thing but there is still a long ways to go. Sounds like all level bands and possibly more prominent in Instances/Skirms/Raids.


Sparring timer increase will probably lead to more uproar about spars in "inappropriate places"


No mention of Curative Potions being available from Healers. They were on Healers in the Beta so it might be a missed note.


Doesn't look like anything with high impact. With the last two Patchs looking more at mobs than Classes, I wonder if they feel they have the Classes close to where they want them and are now working on content difficulty.

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