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We need some decent smileys!

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MueR, how are we expected to have any fun with these dismal smileys?

(I'd add some smileys here, but they are too dismal.)


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The smileys are sacred *O*O-)

I presume your religion is one of those handled by Extremelia Mume, then? :P

Until Moist von Lipwig was struck by the divine light and was led by She Who Gets Things Unstuck to a small fortune, thought to have been buried by the deceased confidence trickster Albert Spangler prior to his demise, the Reverend Mume was a jobbing part-time priestess who handled the earthly affairs of Anoia, plus several dozen other minor deities, from an office-cum-shrine above a bookies' office in Cable Street. Things are so hard in the small gods business that she has to work as a barmaid in order to make ends meet.

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