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[Gilrain] GM Farewell battle.

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The leader.... ^^^


Who when we took lug decided to summon a Dragon ^^^


So we ran to TA but he summoned 5 trolls from nowhere followed by a.... AoE insta kill on the whole three raids in EM and insta took TA :/


We then held the ground at WTAB while 1 raid went to get back TA


Finally take TA back just as Creeps and GM's figure it out and start to pile over the bridge.


Pulling back to TA


We run up the left stairs just as the GM summons a " Unleashed Rogmul "


We rush into the captain room killing the creeps that rush up, with me killing the leader of the creep ;) We then proceded to kill the Rodrul as the GM tyrant came into room, we dps as much as we could ( 1 hitting anyone that got close ) so we ran towards the other stairs


Where we slew him at the top of the stairs, at this points most creeps logged off.


Me and fellow kinnie started to scout and found this troll so we started to duo it. These trolls were random people that were given the chance to become a troll for two deaths. This perticular one managed to survive 3 and a half hours only dying once. Bravo.


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This sounds so epic, I'm so sad I'm not VIP anymore... I'm glad the GM's put something fun on to say bye.

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