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Air Saga World Event

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When I logged on I noticed this new World Event. Do I need to finish Part 1 before Part 2 unlocks on March 20th, or will we be able to work on all the unlocked Saga parts until 5/14/14?

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Hey, I see you're in-game now. :P

Anyway, you should be able to start the chain when you're the appropriate level (and you are, I think the minimum is 28-ish), HOWEVER in order to continue the first part of the chain, at some point you must have Decorated rep level. This should pretty easy to get from regular questing and the carnages.

Here are links to detailed guides for this event: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-discussions/rift-guides-strategies/414284-guide-air-saga-world-event.html

With each phase of the Air Saga World Event, new quest Arcs and content will become available that becomes unlocked permanently. The Air Saga quests will be available even when each phase ends and the world event is over.

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Yay Trilwych!


I figured you'd know the answer. You're turning into my Rift go-to gal! Thank you for the info and the link! thanx.gif


And yes I finally got decorated in Icewatch last night. Am on Rite of the Forge now so need to collect 'rough windstone' from air-rifts. BTW, I love the name of the achievement in the first Saga: “Winter Is… On Its Way”. A little GoT's wink maybe. ;) 


Glad to hear I can work on the first part with my alts later without rushing. Good news since my right-hand is still in a brace. 

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