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First of all I would like to say hello to everybody here :)

Secondly, while I do think of myself as important :D I know I am not that important to warrant my own thread. I could not find a new member/say hello thread. 

I searched for it, and when I couldn't find one did not want to hijack a random thread with all the salutations and presents that will most likely be coming my way now I showed my "face" here. (So feel free to move and/or delete this ofcourse.)

After many years of lurking I have finally arrived.

I have known a fair few of you that are here from Lotro. Laurelin to be precise. Been with Raed in a raiding alliance, slaughtered many freeps and healed many creeps.

I am Nerfy, the defiler, Arieldir the loremaster. (And in reallife a 28 year old silly guy.)

Came back to Lotro about 3 weeks ago after 1.5 years of not playing it. Missed many people during my absence and still do.

Hoping to find a few here, and to sortof meet new people too :)

Play different games (played gw2 extensively with guild) every now and then, also like reading, writing, playing guitar, working out, and regular work.

Feel free to ask me anything; answering anything I want :)




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*pulls out some pie and freshly baked biscuits to pass around*


Welcome! Some of us may seem upset, from some of the time, to most of the time, but its because we care, and truely love the game and just want things to improve. We have fun with a variety of topics and other games as well!

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