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I initially tried, but switched to a bow(for mobility) and light armour for the magika bonus's - Warlock or Magika Furnace set bonus anyone? :) .


I shall revisit the idea once I have respecced and am closer to VR10.

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I think A captain-sort of build will be possible, but going full Heavy might not be the best idea.


I'd probably go 5 Heavy, 2 Light.


There's some crafted sets that would greatly add to your abilities as a Heavy Armour healing. I'd probably go with:


3 Seducer - Reduce the cost of spells by 3%

3 Magnus Gift - 5% Chance to negate the cost of a spell

3 Willows Path - Adds 5% Spell Critical


(If you're going S&B that is)


All armour pieces crafted with the Divines trait, and using The Ritual as my Mundus stone (Increase healing effectiveness)


Rings and Necklace to reduce the Magicka cost of spells.

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Update at L32 - it took me a couple of levels to realign my build based on Taffy's Bowplar suggestions. I made a couple of random tweaks, haven't really fully flexed the build against my current nemesis.


Luckily, my theory about not over-investing my skill points (I tend to hold on to them if my build is stable and my crafting levels are where I want them - there's a looming issue for me with the crafting, but I guess I'll have to start being more social) worked out for me in this case - I had enough points "banked" to pick up the entry skills in the Bowplar build along with adding a bit of gravity to my enchanting line (to create magicka recovery glyphs). It took me a couple of levels of questing to get the bow skills and the Mage's Guild "Entropy" skill morphed.


I am still thinking that once you choose a race, you should be leveraging the passives... so (as an Altmer) for PVE solo-ing, I am now slotted bow and destro staff, with Templar heals in both skill bars (and the Restoring Light ultimate slotted in the destro staff skill bar). I'm carrying a level appropriate restoration staff in my pack in case the need to switch arises.


I ran into a subjective question about the cost of a respec v. the number of points that you would spend differently if you had the opportunity... right now, it would cost me ~6800 gold to switch my points, but I'm not convinced that I would recover more than 5 or 6 points that I might spend diferently (less than 10% of my current skill allocation). I don't think that the cost will be worth the handful of points I'd reallocate at this point. So, I'm trying to take a longer view... It seems to me that I'd need to feel confident that I'd switch a higher percentage of my skill points to make this worth it. If anything, I'm more tempted to respec my attributes to 30 health and then consider build to 10 each in stamina and magicka. Or, are folks still thinking "all health, all the time"?


The issue with the harvester is to just stick to her like glue rather than kite.  I know.  For me that sounded really wierd since I am ranged with double staffs.  But.. if you do, then targeting the healing feasts is not a problem, nor is getting out of her way when she launches her attacks since all you need do is jump behind her.  She is actually pretty slow up close and personal.  I had (as everyone saw :P) a big issue with her in the final story line because my dps was just too pitiful to do her in quickly, but I had no issues staying alive or out of her way.  In that quest the problem of staying power is you get too many adds, so do keep that in mind when you get there - take her out fast and you won't be facing mutiple Titans as I did until I respecced.


I will try this, thanks for the tip - you're right, it's counter-intuitive to me as well - but I have been trying to stay far back and most of my fails have come from getting wacked as I moved laterally in order to gain LOS on a puffball. I seem to have some sort of fixation on dodging directly into the line of fire in my pursuit of the feasts.


Anyone had a go at building a Captain type character yet? I've tried it with a Templar using Sword and Board and Restoration staff. Not sure whether I'm going to be able to get away with using Heavy Armour with Magica glyphs at level cap though and be effective enough or whether I am going to need a light armour set when I swap to healing.


I will third the observation about mixing in some light armor - at the least, you will be leveling the skill in case you decide to bias the other way at a later point and the upside is the ability to up your magicka recovery rate. The Restoring Light line has some decent passives (Focused Healing and Light Weaver) that will help manage your magicka costs too. I think you will want to look at keeping Restoring Aura slotted as well for passive stamina & health regen - that should help manage the melee / tanking aspect.

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Finally found a build for my DK that I really like. Main weapon has always been Great Sword. Dabbled with Resto Staff as a secondary, mainly because I needed the heals before I had Green Dragon Blood. Then changed to a bow from about level 35 to VR 8, never was happy with the DPS, used it mainly to kite. All bow skills plus GDB for a heal. This weekend I finally broke down and tried Destructo Fire Staff. Really, really nice AoE and single target damage.





Unstable Flame

Molten Whip


Obsidian Shard

Standard of Might


Start attack with Stampede, CC with Obsidian Shard, Unstable Flame, Molten Whip, Executioner as a closer.


Destruction Staff


Elemental Drain

Elemental Ring

Unstable Wall of Elements

Engulfing Flames

Green Dragon Blood

Standard of Might


Start off with Elemental Drain, then Elemental Ring, WoE, Engulfing Flames.


SoM and GDB as oh shit skills.


I was heavy on morale, but with the magica heavy staff skills I went 30 magica, 19 health, 0 stamina


I wear 5 heavy armor, 2 light. 5 pieces of Vampires Kiss for Blood Frenzy and 3 Song of Lamae because it was the best of the lot with where I am in research.


Weapons all fire damage with Precise

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