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If you mouseover the text in your Character window (great for all stats), the description will tell you the minimum number recommended for each type/tier of dungeon/raid. Toughness and Hit really only matter in expert dungeons and raids. :) There are level 50 dungeons and raids, of course, so maybe you'd be interested in those.

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A question for you all....

I just hit level 47 and picked up a planar armour piece with toughness on it....

What does toughness do?

An item that is "tough" just means it will absorb damage from fighting, death (I think), crafting etc and sustain less damage than an item that isn't tough.

So lower repair cost per damage taken.


Edit: An example might be a "normal" mining pick you might harvest 100 ore nodes before it needed to be repaired and a "tough" pick might harvest 200 nodes before it needed that repair.



Edit: Doah! I stumbled into the Rift area. :P

Nevermind my rambling... might also explain why I was thinking "what the heck" with Tril's answer above :)

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Hehehe. /pat

@Brodrick, though, even if you're interested in level 50 dungeons/raids, people generally don't do them anymore. Unless you're in a large guild with members interested in running old world content, you can ignore Toughness/Hit until cap, where those stats matter a whole lot for endgame. (Keep in mind that the level cap is also being raised to 65 sometime this year, too.)

Edit to add: Trion revamped the Air Saga Storyline quests (this patch 2.6) in Iron Pine Peak leading up to the level 50 Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon, though, so there may be a lot more people willing to do that for the storyline and for the complete set of cosmetics.

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