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Hello everybody,


A new topic for all to plug guilds or whatever they are called :P

I will be in Karn-Aanug -Black Speech for Red Dawn- (karn-aanug.com) A dead Creep tribe in Lotro, where I never was in but always with ^^ and a wvwvw-guild in Guildwars2.

We also occasionally play other games like Planetside2, DayZ, Guns of Icarus to name a few.


We'll be focusing on grouping/raiding in pve for dungeons and the rest, but mostly:

AvA PVP: Coördinating, on voice, fighting others, taking keeps and things to help our side in AvA win the war. i.e. having fun, nomming, running away whilst screaming: WES ALL GONNA DIE! :)

Daggerfall Covenant will be our faction. Feel free to check the site or ask me any questions. (The site and gaming community is being restructured at the moment.)


Safe travels all,






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