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Cast of Star Wars Episode VII Announced


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No joke, it starts later this year.

I am still astounded.  It really looks like some sort of joke.


Agreed for two bits:


Costume looks like a cheap rip-off for Halloween.


First half of the trailer looked like a generic 'chick flick' rom com. Actually, this is what it reminded me of.




Yeah, both 'supergirl' and this trailer you posted both give me similar vibe. 


Althrough to be honest - I disliked basically everything about this 'Supergirl' trailer.   Actors, vibe, focus, humour, dialogues, basically everything.        


I don't see this as salvageable.   Seriously it was long time since a tv series trailer repulsed me so much.


& I am saying this as a person who like to occasionally watch emo teen dramas, hell I even watched Varmpire Diaries for some time. (no joke).

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November has been mentioned


The first episode already online: http://www.tvstreaming.cc/watch.php?v=IOAMGpRilnI


It's like 1.5 season cropped in the first episode O_0 

Cheap dialogue, "plottwists", Evil familymember, not coöperating government,  giant spaceprison. All the ingredients for a bad movie :Y  

Also: I hope the music will be better too. Esecially near the end I can't help but feel it's a little generic..

With all that said: I'll probably try to follow it, because I can. B)

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