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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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I have the PS4 version and know someone with the PS3 version.

As for crafting make sure you do the Acquire the Arcanist mission as soon as you get to Skyhold as this gives you access to the mastercraft weapons and armour. It is an instant complete mission that adds a npc to the crafting area


Cossieuk, have you managed to make any masterwork gear crit yet?  i am not clear on the crit RNG here.  I have attempted nigh 50 different times to get a crit and not once has it happened.  Seem to just be wasting a lot of material.  It is nice to get the stat bonus of whatever mat I have used but I was aiming for the critical success bonus of +10 to all stats...  I even used dragon bone and zip.  Am I missing something?

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Ok, started playing yesterday and have played about 9 hours so far. It's a very good game (IMHO), much more in the style of DA:O and a lot better than the 2nd one. The story is good, the voice acting

A new trailer. http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_GB/home/latest-trailer I really hope this game isn't a let down, I've been looking forward to it for ages.

Personally I'm really excited. I'm one of the strange people that loved both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. I'm going to be leaving for the midnight launch for this game in about two hours

crafting can crit?!


Hehe.  Exactly....


But yes, the masterwork schematics allow you to add a bonus effect to your armor or weapons depending on what type of masterwork stone or material you add to the panel, or you can try to get a crit which will add +10 to all stats.  The mats for this tell you what chances you have, bear claws say 30% chance, dragon bone is 40% and so on.  I just have yet to get it to crit for me.

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I haven't met a crafting system I liked 100%. But I must say, the WoW-style RNG-based crafting skill gain in Rift pisses me off as it did in WoW.

Did you ever play Star Wars Galaxies? Now what was an awesome crafting system, the resources all had stats and they randomly spawned for various amounts of time with different stats, when you craft each item uses different stats and different stat weights to produce different quality items, it was really complicated because an item could have what looks like awesome stats but be really bad for something because you had to weight the percentage of the stat on that resource against the percentage of the same stat or a different stat on another resource meaning you could actually have that stat too high thus ruining the craft, and to make it even more fun most items were made of crafted components that, you got it, needed certain weights of stats for the final product, it was a game of high end mathematics to craft the best items, I loved it.

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androclese, that sounds awful on paper. But you're only talking about the end product? Maybe I'd find that fun. Still, the "you may or may not gain an experience point after making this, getting you closer to the next crafting level" RNG pissed me off, made no sense whatsoever. Crafting is one of those things that you're supposed to get better the more you practice. It's not like combat where variables in the environment, from your opponent, and combined with your own skill affect an outcome that can fail. So LotRO's craft leveling design was a relief from that. Now I'm back in it, uuugh.

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I actually like the crafting in ESO because it has some of the elements that you are describing.  The mats in ESO offer different properties to the same item and depending on which mat you choose, and where it is placed in the crafting panel you can end up with a piece of armor that has a very different armor rating, stat, etc. from another piece you could craft with the same recipe.  Same for weapons.  It makes for more variety and way less boring than what I have seen in other games, since the item I make is something I have to think more about and not just nock off as a premade recipe with no options to make it have the stats I am looking for.  I think it could be better still but on the whole I have enjoyed it a lot. :)

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Just letting off steam... No c-words AFAIK...


First, a disclaimer. I have not finished the game, though I have multiple toons around level 20, having a blast comparable only to DAO. Also, Dwarves are not blind – remember my scathing reviews of DA2. DA Inquisition is a seriously good game, though the EA suits deserve a serious kick in the nuts. What those low-life scum did to me and many other, enthusiastic players is beyond the range of the imbecility scale. 
First – they force me to use a Spy-software called Origin, and register online. Usually I uninstall such shit ASAP, but my Elf-Slave likes to create new backgrounds for new toons in DA-Keep, so what the hell, I can live with that. 
Then they force me to read Polish mumbo-jumbo, thankfully keeping the spoken language English. I know you English natives take the variety of class and regional accents for granted, but trust me – not many languages have such rich deposits of linguistic fun. I've been playing RPG games in English for like 30 years and those motherfuckers force me to read imbecilic attempts at translation? 
It DOES ruin my immersion.  
Enough of that.
I read about patches before installing any, so I stopped the installation of even the first one. A couple of months have gone by, and three (3!) patches later I decided to let the patching run. After all, why not? In the worst-case scenario, the game would be unplayable?
You guessed right. 
First, that Origin-shit-thing asked me to agree to the deletion of my hard-disk saves, because they were incompatible with Cloud saves. Who the fuck told them that I agreed to store ANYTHING in their fucking cloud? The only other option was to replace the cloud saves with my disk saves. I agreed, regretting wholeheartedly not having named my toons FuckEA and FuckOrigin. 
After the conclusion of the patch process, the game promptly died. No amount of forum reading and rescue attempts were of any help.
After taking stock of my options (Playing LOTRO? Vacuum cleaning the house?) I went to The Pirate Bay, downloaded Skidrow version of DAI, full-English. 
It's offline, but my collection of DA-Keep world states is sufficient. (And my saves were of course VERY safe...) Should my Elf-Slave want some more DA-Keep stuff – she can try installing Origin and its DAI version to her heart's delight. 
I swore many times never to spend a penny on EA games, and this time it's final. They crossed the line.
As far as EA is concerned - I'll stick to Piracy from now on. AARGH!


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