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U14 Beta


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The "new" essence system is something I see in alot of other MMO's out there. Aeria Game's Eden Eternal for example, has a similar system. Except you can buy two different types of chisels in the cash shop; one to make a slot in your weapon/armor, the other is used to remove a gem already in your gear.


I know there was some kerfuffle after U13 where people were saying enemies were hitting a little too hard. Guess this is Turbine's response.

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If I'm being honest, it seems to be a fair bit more than I was expecting.


It isn't a huge area but it certainly isn't Fangorn.


There are "cities" in the PotD but they seem only accessible via the Epic, otherwise it's a linear path through for the most part.


Blackroot is also pretty much a linear route but with a bit more "off the road" space to explore.


Lamedon and Belfalas are both pretty open zones with what looks like a fair amount of ground.


I don't think it's this Update, possibly U15, one of the zones are going to be a group area reminiscent of Limlight Gorge. It was in today's Dev Chat but I missed if it was U14 or 15.


After a cursory look around I'd say, minimal questing just looking around and testing higher lvl mobs against my 95's, those of us who still enjoy the game will be happy, those who love it will likely be head over heels, those on the fence may find some fun in the new slottable gear and stuff. There is no big draw for those no longer playing except maybe to log in and see the sights or do the Epic, if that even appeals to them.

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The maximum number of friends you can have on your friends list has been increased to 100.


Too bad you can't find that many people logged in world-wide on some servers these days, let alone "friends". A bigger list of offline yellow names to augment that sense of desolation upon log-in.



Typos fixed throughout Volume I, II, and III.
Typos fixed throughout Bree-land, Angmar, North Downs, and West Rohan.


Someone found time after all those years. Impressing new players is a priority. Now, on the other hand... what about the top-tier crafting icon situation in U14? 

But of course, by the time players reach the areas to harvest top-tier mats and encounter those reused icons, they are way past their 'life expectancy' and are on verge of leaving the game anyway, so why bother masking the neglect.



Traits - Fire-lore - Melee Damage Reduction increased from 3%-->5% per rank
Traits - Frost-lore - Tactical Damage Reduction increased from 2%-->4% per rank


Making this adjustment was among the most unanimously-requested issues in HD beta LM class feedback thread last fall.

And now, simply put: too little, too late. Too bloody late.





Some screenshots of the maps and looking down at Dol Amroth






















What an expansion Gondor "could" have been... Looking at the map of Dol Amroth admittedly sent me a little thrill. But then I looked at screenshot of Dol Amroth itself and the thrill died. I didn't see Dol Amroth: I saw a cluttered hodgepodge of reused visuals from other areas in game. Trees from Duillond, architecture pretty much Annuminas on steroids, heads of the colossi resembling the Moria decor a little too much... It's one thing to reuse already-existing textures and patterns sparingly with discretion, it's quite another to pile them on and call it "new." Instead of being swept into this city landscape, I find myself playing a game of "how many pieces of this town can you match to other identical pieces seen elsewhere in lotro." 'Tis a sad day.

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Thanks you guys who are posting screens and info.


So essences is the new gear system.  More stuff to sell in the store.  I hope the existing player base is into this, but aren't legendary items far too much of a headache already?  Alts are already almost extinct, so why not light a fire with the dead corpses.  On a positive note, if this system brings back random gear drops in the form of items with good slots, then I suppose that's a step towards what some players are wanting.


Rune-keepers, arguably the least-played class in the game now, fewer online than even burglars the last three times I polled the population using the /who tool on Landroval, and they just get a tooltip fix and a riffler adjustment, and furthermore some of their skills now crash the game.  LOL.

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We're actually getting more changes to RK's, they just aren't in this build.


^This. I think it's in the RK subforum on the OF, but I believe the dev Jinjaah said something about buffing Fire RK's dots among other things.

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Just had a look on BR


I think the new areas look pretty good, with Dol Amroth being the big exception. The city seems very unfinished (which is fair). The amount of statue-faces is also very high (is that supported by lore btw?), and I don't like that look.

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Shouldn't Annuminas and Dol Amroth be similar?


I get the complaint about over-reuse of textures but as for the 2 cities weren't they built by the same culture?


If they were merely similar in cultural styles I'd have zero problem, but blatant copypasting to the point of being able to find identical matches is another thing entirely.


Eregion's ruined buildings and Rivendell were likewise built by the same culture (those who remained of Eregion - the very same culture), and time span between them is comparable to one between Annuminas and Dol Amroth. Yet look at the differences and creativity employed to give each region's architecture its own taste and feel. They each possess architectural elements that make them look recognizably elvish, but they each possess individuality that makes it clear that they're, well, two different places.


Annuminas is a half-sunken relic of a ruined Arnorian past. Dol Amroth is a functional principality in "nowadays" (by in-game time) Gondor. This allows for substantial creativity and variation - had there been a will and budget for it. Turbine's version reminds me of one of those abandoned Russian parks crammed full of dismantled Soviet statues and monuments. A kitchy dump of once-iconic memorabilia without any attempt of integrating it into the present.

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Just to nitpick.

Andrast is part of Gondor, which is west of the Lefnui.


Incorrect.  From Unfinished Tales, "The History of Celeborn and Galadriel," Appendix D, and "The Drûedain," "Further Notes on the Drûedain":




The entry into Eriador later proved of great importance in the war against Sauron (Second Age 1693-1701); but it was in origin a timber-port and ship-building harbour.  The native people were fairly numerous and warlike, but they were forest-dwellers, scattered communities without central leadership.  They were in awe of the Númenóreans, but they did not become hostile until the tree-felling became devastating.  They they attacked and ambushed the Númenóreans when they could, and the Númenóreans treated them as enemies, and became ruthless in their fellings, giving no thought to husbandry or replanting.  The fellings had at first been along both banks of the Gwathló, and timber fellings had floated down to the haven (Lond Daer); but now the Númenóreans drove great tracks and roads into the forests northwards and southwards from the Gwathló, and the native folk that survived fled from Minhiriath into the dark woods of the great Cape of Eryn Vorn, south of the mouth of the Baranduin, which they dared not cross, even if they could, for fear of the Elvenfolk.


From Enedwaith they took refuge in the eastern mountains where afterwards was Dunland; they did not cross the Isen nor take refuge in the great promontory between Isen and Lefnui that formed the north arm of the Bay of Belfalas [Ras Morthil or Andrast:  see p. 214, note 6], because of the 'Púkel-men', who were a secret and fell people, tireless and silent hunters, using poisoned darts.  They said that they had always been there, and had formerly lived also in the White Mountains.  In ages past they had paid no heed to the Great Dark One (Morgoth), nor did they later ally themselves with Sauron; for they hated all invaders from the East.  From the East, they said, had come tall Men who drove them from the White Mountains, and they were wicked at heart.  Maybe even in the days of the War of the Ring some of the Drú-Folk lingered in the mountains of Andrast, the western outlier of the White Mountains, but only the remnant of the woods of Anórien were known to the people of Gondor.


The region between Isen and Lefnui was the Drúwaith Iaur, and in yet another scrap of writing on this subject it is stated that the word Iaur 'old' in this name does not mean 'original' but 'former':


Anfalas never became settled by the Númenóreans of Gondor.

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I actually think these patch notes look pretty good, and I like what I see in the screenshots. It's probably not enough to make me log in and play, but one never knows..


But why the level cap raise? Seems so pointless


Unfortunately, since LOTRO isn't focussed on end-game content, I think there's a widely-held view that playing LOTRO is about levelling. No expansion seems to be complete without some extra quests to do, and the reward for quests is levelling up to give a feeling of progress. To me, having all my gear made obsolete is just an annoyance. (I know, I'll just get one of those LIs which level with you...)


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It seems to me it's far too early for that to be happening. It hasn't even been a year since the last level increase, no?


It's probably a carrot to encourage people to want to complete the new non-epic content. I know I never did all the content on my alts, just enough to get them to cap. I also know many people never bothered to buy the  Wildermore quests as they didn't need the xp from them because they were already at cap.


I imagine they added a level cap increase because many wouldn't be too bothered about buying the "paid for" quests in Gondor if there was no increase as it would be un-needed xp. Why buy the content if you don't need it?

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Dol Amroth seems too much like Annumias for my liking. It's as if a lot of it was just copied and pasted with some minor alterations. They even took the giant head statues from Moria.


I was hoping that with Gondor they would go for the same sort of style that the films chose. We never saw Dol Amroth in the films, but something similar to Osgiliath and Minas Tirith would have been great.

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