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I agree. Just, how big are the worlds in these games? I thought the worlds are nothing at all like the real server worlds of WoW or Rift. Is there a world in NWO and STO that you can go to and see any player logged on? And aren't those spaces tiny compared to a world like WoW's or Lotro's? 


I don't mean lobby type game like team fortress. I mean a lobby-type MMO where so much of the space you spend time in is not in a large persistent world. It is instanced.

Concerning STO:

During leveling nearly all your time (except when you are on the starbase or in transit) will be spent in instances of one kind or another; the quests ("missions") are essentially all instance-based. There are some large instances where you can do skirmish/rift type leveling quests that involve killing a lot of enemies with other players. Still, when the objective is accomplished, you get ported out and the zone effectively despawns.

At level cap, they do have some larger persistent areas where you will see other players. It is something they have tried to add more of - the New Romulus zone is comparable in size to some LotRO zones, and seamless (although there are also transporters for getting around it), and most recently a Dyson Sphere which is also pretty big (but the persistent part is a space zone).

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