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One Month Anniversary!


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Thank you MueR, Niels, and company for providing us with this Oasis and a place to continue old friendship and to make new ones. It looks like we are off and running with a great start! With over 500 new members and over 3,300 posts in only the first month, it seems there was a niche that needed filling. Congratulations on doing so brilliantly!


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Corrected my name :P
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I'd like to add my thanks too. It's been a fascinating process to watch this forum startup and develop over the last four weeks. The attitudes here seem to be polar opposites to those expressed by most of Turbine. Glad to have somewhere other than the official forums to lurk and occasionally comment.

I shall add to the smiley cheer...


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Damn you cossieuk! That gif is too mesmerizing. I can feel my braincells dying as i type this. 7(8)7

And did they have to name the gif "cheerleader toss"? I've got a sick mind and it's getting worse the longer I hang around this place. bloos.gif

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I have some more stats for you guys :)

One month has passed and we have:

  • 552 members, of which 37 where automatically banned as they were spammers (yay spam-ban feature)
  • 21,419 visitors to the site (averaging about 713 visitors per day)
  • 6,489 unique visitors
  • 169,496 pageviews (averaging 7.9 pages per visit)
  • The top-3 countries where these visits came from:
    1. Germany (41% of total)
    2. United Kingdom (23% of total)
    3. The Netherlands (8% of total)

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Oooh, I love stats. ^^

I guess it's not too surprising to see Germany on the top, right? I think I remember Maneki saying that the EU LotRO community consists of quite a lot of Germans. :)

Either way, I'm glad there's this place now. Especially after hearing some stories of why people were told off after posting something on the official Turbine forums. }:|

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