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One Month Anniversary!


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Can anyone from CM tell us what was the highest amount of people to ever be viewing CMs lotro forums at one time? Just curious.

Well at times yesterday there were >1000 people active on the CM LoTRO forums.. someone linked a piccy yesterday I believe.

I guess at other "key moments" in the game's history this has been exceeded.

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Wonder if Turbine would get uppity if we had a mention of the LOTROCommunity site in our sigs over on their forums :)

...those of us who manage to get there that is...so slowwww

I already do in my sig on their site, no one has got uppity so far.

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Yeah, we'll have all the Landroval Yanks on Laurelin telling us how they should be done... :F;)

Oh, the Landrovalians are simply put out, now that they aren't the only RP server in the stew. Perhaps they can learn a thing or three from Laurelin.

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