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I invite any who wish to contribute to this to do so. I offer a beginning; add to it as you please. I only ask that you check your contribution in with me by PM before posting. Mostly this is so that we avoid having two people write continuations to the same point in the tale (and if they should do that, I will happily start another thread so that both can continue!). If you'd like any editing / suggestions, let me know, and I'll be happy to help. Oh, and this is one thread where I would ask people not to comment (at least before the tale ends, if it does). By all means give +1 Rep to a post you like, but please don't interrupt the flow! ;)

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Once upon a time, and it wasn't your time, and it wasn't my time, but it was somebody's time..."


The darkness is absolute. You feel that were you to swing your hand, it would move as though through water; perhaps not move at all, it seems so solid. Disoriented. Alone. Was it but a moment ago that there was light, or an hour? You feel lost; your companions have fled. Now there is only you...

So you hope, at least, for they did not run without reason. You struggle even to breathe, so oppressive is the sable air before you. A sound! Or was it only your imagination? A moment ago your heart thumped within your breast, labouring, stifled as you felt. Now, suddenly, your heart races. What is there? Is there something there? Did you imagine it? Your senses strain...

And a gulping breath comes again. Surely it was a phantom. Fear has over-excited you; so you tell yourself. It is only the light, the lack of it, and the knowledge of what was there, but has gone. You hope that your friends have all escaped. Now you grope blindly, seeking distance at least, fearing a return...

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