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What the hell is happening to this forum with regards to moderation?


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Apparently calling the person who called me Mrs DJ for no reason, an F-wit upsets some people, including you, but Spidey and Truarth trolling me, did not. But I apologise for using insulting language. It won't happen again.

And by the way, I'm not new-I've been here for many months......despite my post count.

Perhaps Trurth will apologise for calling me DJHeydt. And Spidey will acknowledge he was actually wrong when he mindlessly did the same. (Pavlovian responses are mindless, after all) Even after I explained (angrily, I admit) why I could not possibly be Mrs Heydt he couldn't muster the guts to acknowledge his mistake. He just used his usual tactic of swearing at a poster who had the temerity to call out his nonsense.

edit: @PJ and Doro: sorry for implying you and others here only had half a brain :) I was very angry after being accused of being someone I am not, twice, just to insult me. I 'outed' myself some time ago in another discussion that you missed.

@Bango. Yes, I am enjoying the kin very much although I haven't been able to play much this last week or so. See you again I hope. .

@Quinn. Yes, those who have actually read what I have written here would know I could not possibly be Mrs Heydt. I agree with your postive remarks about older players. After all, I am one and I hope I don't exhibit any CDQ or Heydt tendencies. :) Thanks for your post.

I never thought you meant that do no worries from my end (ooer) :)

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No, you misrepresented what I said. I said we know what the word means if you use a euphemism. We know what you're getting at. So there's no point just saying 'the c word' or 'c***' because we all know what it is anyway. If someone says someone is 'bubbly' they tend to mean 'fat'. We all know it. So why dance around when we all know it?

Because to many people, whatever the context is, it is an offensive word. 

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