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There are topics for music, movies and TV shows, why not to have one about art? It is more niche, and a lot of contemporary art is shite (and there is just too much of it sometimes), but some things are really strong.


After looking into poppies flowing from London tower, work of Cai Guo-Qiang somehow came to my mind. He works with gunpowder mostly, creating paintings by utilising it on canvas, in the sky etc.








As well as some other stuff:








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I like looking at how other people imagine books I like, especially Tolkien's. But browsing devianart can be a bit tedious. I wonder whether there is a better place, or maybe a forum where people do that sort of thing?

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Of course, if you want LoTR-related art, you could do worse than drop into the Bird & Baby. Alas, Nimlith has not visited for several years, but there is some absolutely fabulous stuff in there that she created... :Y

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