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Rift hacks

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Yeah, I saw those too. I use the Rift mobile authenticator (Android, also available for iOS), so I'm hoping that keeps me safe, but one claimed that an account was hacked through ArcheAge via Glyph without the person having an AA account, so I dunno. And the whole Russian thing. Maaaaan.

(And I changed my pw.)

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That middle thread. O_o



This thread title should probably be changed to "Potential Trion security breach" since Archeage and/or Glyph may be involved too. A forum thread gives no sense of scale, though.


Everyone should have the 2-step authentication thing enabled (Rift app) and REMOVE payment options from your Trion account.

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You might also want to remove preapproved payments from your PayPal account; coincidentally, this might be something of note to LotRO old-timers - Codemasters used plans and I found earlier this year they were still authorized to up 10 1k EUR a month after all those years, something I completely forgot.


Preapproved payments show up in no obvious place in PayPal so follow the steps below

1. Log in

2. Choose My Account => Profile from top menu

3. Choose Account Info (Banks, credit cards and more) from side menu

4. Last item should be Preapproved payment plans, choose Update

Make sure stuff you no longer use is not active anymore

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