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Your doom is nigh! Quitting smoking...

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Sorry - No easy way to do quit smoking afaik.

true, but it very much depends on who you are or what your will power is like.

Granted I caved and started again recently, but I gave up for 18 months simply by saying to myself "I don't need this shit, they're expensive and smell bad", I bought a Ten Moments E-cig used that for about 2 weeks (until I realized they just look silly) and didn't touch a single cigarette for a year and a half.

In fact even though I have started smoking again I find I don't smoke anywhere near what I used to and can literally go a week without needing one now.

But that's just how my mind works, I know I don't need to smoke and test myself now and again to prove that I can stop whenever I want. Other people don't work like that.

I was back up to about 5 a day. Not much perhaps but I could see it creeping up higher again and toward the end of last week was up to 10 a day, I decided it was time to stop then. Day 2 now of not smoking again although today has been hard, I will stick to the cold turkey method for now but I may cave in and try an e-cig if it gets too much.

I'm lucky, I don't think I have an addictive mind where cigarettes are concerned, yes my hand automatically strays towards the pack when at the PC or whatever, but if I finish a pack and have no other reason to go to the shops I just don't think about smoking until the next time I'm at the shops. On the other hand when my friend tried to do the same he came very close to replacing smoking with murder lol.

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FWIW - I found quitting drinking far easier than quitting smoking

Yeah drinking is definitely easier to quit than smoking, I had to stop drinking due to issues with my liver (I spent three years drinking myself insensible in sergeants messes across the UK, we used to have drinking competitions with 80% proof brandy), 22 years and not a drop of anything stronger than the occasional pint of Guinness or glass of wine on special occasions and I'm still alive :)

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I used to smoke like a fiend, 2+ packs a day.  I wanted to quit and tried repeatedly.  The only thing that worked for me was getting a really bad cold that held on for about 2 weeks.  I literally couldn't smoke because the coughing was so bad, I was severely congested, and my throat was really sore.  


When I got over that cold I had those two weeks cig-free behind me and just never picked one up again.  That was 18 years ago.


I've known people who have had success using Wellbutrin, it might go under a different name up north.  


Good luck, fitty.  Try substituting something else to do to replace that absent-minded urge for a smoke.  Just being able to distract yourself can help.  And try to change up your routines, sometimes the cues to smoke are just from old habits.

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i quit earlier this year after smoking for 20+ years. i do use ecigs though. they worked for me. got a starter pack with cartridges for xmas and at first barely used it but one day tossed the regular cigs and just used the ecig. sucked for the first day but after like three days i got over the mental and physical annoyance of the taste and feel and the nicotine from the ecig was fine. been about 6 months now. got my brother on ecigs too after i told him to just give it a week and the ecig will be fine. breathing better already and can go long stretches without puffing on the ecig. good luck. not easy to do and i am stressing trying to wean off the ecig for the next step

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Some of the people I know quit smoking right away after having one or another type of stroke.


For me main problems are not physiological, but psychological ones. What tends to help me, is to avoid situations which encourage me to smoke. usually it is solution to something or a social habit. In example, if its a way to calm yourself down, you could try to find ways to lower the stress or replace smoking with some of the breathing techniques etc.


And of course, all advices sound easy, but are hard to implement ;)

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I have a real easy time quitting smoking, I just make up my mind and stop, and this is smoking a pack a day. I did start back up again after a year of non-smoking, but I only smoke 5 a day on weekdays and maybe 2 over the weekend.


Where I work "vaping" is all the rage. These aren't your typical E-cig, but complicated contraptions that need constant tweaking, but some of the flavors smell wonderful! It's becoming a whole niche market around here now and they probably spend more on vaping than they did smoking


Good luck on quitting!.

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I use to smoke 30 to 40 a day up until 2001. I then decided to cut down and in a few weeks got my daily fix down to 5.Once I hit this target I then quit altogether. Never smoked since.


Everyone is different so there is no real universal approach to quitting.


The key to success is very simple. You have to want to quit. If you are not sure, or feel that it's not likely to succeed, then you will fail.It really is a full on Yoda situation. Do or do not and all that jive. I personally don't favour any of these assisted methods where you get nicotine from other sources. Just go full cold turkey and quit.


A couple of things to consider.


1.) While you are in that transitional period, do not avoid the social situations where you would formerly smoke. Tackle them head on.

2.) I found that having an object in my hand like a pen or a pencil helped. Some sort of psychological bullshit but it worked for me.

3.) Don't let any of your mates lead you astray. If they try and talk you out of it or just play on your weak moments by offering you a smoke, then tell them to fuck off.

4.) Put the money you save in a jar so you can see tangibly what you save. Spend it on something else so you cannot afford to relapse.

5.) You will gain weight as a result of quitting. Be aware of this and plan accordingly.


The only other thing I can think of is not to get all born again or self righteous if you do manage to quit. If my Doctor told me I only had three months to live, I'd go back to smoking immediately. Why? Co's I always liked it.

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Good luck to those of you quitting.


One of my best friends tried quitting multiple times, but was never able to fully do so until after he watched his uncle waste away and die from cancer caused by a lifetime of smoking.  Hopefully none of you end up requiring that sort of impetus to finally quit.

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I smoked around 5-10 a day and most enjoyed it when coupled with a beer. Managed to give up by getting a really nasty bout of flu (the type that makes you wish for death) coupled with gastroenteritis. Never started smoking again after getting my strength back.

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Thanks for all the nice / supportive thoughts!


And support right back at those who are also trying to quit!


Cops aren't after me yet as I have left no dead bodies in my wake... yet...


Made several puppies and kittens cry when I yell at them though... how dare they pretend to be all cute and cuddly and still not give me a smoke! Grrrr...

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