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Show us your favourite cosmetic outfit

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Hydarnes, Warden, Server Maiar


When my warden reached level 75 I got the Rohirrim Shield and was fascinated by its design.

So I decided to build an outfit, which has the same golden color and which was also inspired by the easterling warriors of the LOTR-cinema-films. A proud infantry soldier in glittering gold, marching with his comrades in close formation and fighting the hordes of the enemy.

Because our kinship is still visiting Ost Dunhoth with Level 75 chars it was easy to get access to these very nice looking set-armors.

The main problem I had was the fact that dying outfits with gold often produce totally different kind of gold. Some outfits were in a bright polished gold, others were more brown or ocre and others in a dull golden color.

Finally I selected the following parts (all colored in gold):

Helmet: Crafted heavy Dunhold helmet (Level 70)

Shoulder: Ost Dunhoth Set of the Guardian (Level 65), Ward of the West

Chest: Ost Dunhoth Set of the Champion (Level 65), Blade of the West

Feet: Ost Dunhoth Set of the Captain (Level 65), Armour of Dungon

Legs: Ost Dunhoth Set of the Hunter (Level 65), Arrow of the West Armour

Hands: Setitem of the Burglar (Level 75), Armour of the Riddle Teller

Shield: Combat Shield of Theodred (Level 75)

Thats Bloody Awesome!

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