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And 50 dollars buys you a bridge....

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Clearly people are beyond stupid sometimes, including me... for trying to make sense of things which make no sense.


Case in point, the utterly ridiculous thinking going on at OF right now about the Champion System. 


There are plenty of sites quoting P. Sage and various other people from the development team that the Veteran Rank system is being scrapped. 


What is taking its place?


Something nifty called the Champion System, in which you continue to earn experience after level 50 (just as you did in Veteran ranks, except in Veteran ranks they called experience "Veteran Points," which upped your rank fromm Vr1-vr12... soon to be vr14 but I digress....)


Why is it that people do not seem to get in this "system" you will still be "leveling" in the sense of earning experience just as you already are doing in Veteran ranks, and if you choose to not grind, quest, whathave-you (just as you do now to knock out some VR levels...), you will not get any Champion points to spend on the nifty little passives they want to introduce.


So the only difference in the new system is that they are calling it something else from the old one, and yes of course they are adding passives to spend your points on --- and oh yeah - you can use the points on alts if you want since they are account wide - dumb move if you ask me, I do not want my alts getting things from my main, I prefer they earn their own way... but that is just me.


So I cannot understand why people are so freaked out about champion vs veteran ranks as such to begin with, since "ranking" is only going away in name only.   According to Sage, you will have division in the game population obviously since there will be "Champion ratings" on gear.  This smells to me just like when some marketer goes and labels a designer dress a size 8 when it is really still a size 14 and then the person who buys it says: "oh I am a size 8 now," since all the clothes she buys at the new store are "size 8"


Wtf is it with people and semantics, or is my English comprehension just that bad?



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Your comprehension is spot-on, me thinks.


I like the game well-enough. But, my feeling about the whole thing has been that I would give them 6 months to sort stuff out. Storyline is good as are the graphics. Character customization is fine - but there are too many bits that feel as though they just flat out weren't paying attention - not like they they invented the market segment or something - and frankly, the creeping soft cap is more of an annoyance to me than anything else. If I really wanted to grind (and other than seeing the new sights, the VRs are practically pure grind IMO), I could have stuck with LoTRO...


If the Champion System isn't the best thing ever (and seriously, with the past as a predictor of the future, why would it be?) and they don't get a handle on the QC stuff, I'm thinking that my time in Tamriel will be coming to a close in the predictable future.

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