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lotro drones


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i know i am a douche  and i am sorry to overreact about  the players but  it really bother me earlier

i just needed to vent about it and see how other expereince are

and it isnt everyone of course but the number of them seems to be bigger than months ago

I'm not sure sorry quite cuts it given the level of abuse you dished out in this thread for no reason other than people trying to guess at what your issue is and help with the vaugest of info given from yourself. You won't get people interacting with you and sharing their experiences if you are as hostile towards folks as you have been.

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you are rude too

the kind of person i dont want to play with

fuck off

you obviously didnt read where i cant remember what exactly was said  and you demand screenshots


oh and the webvsite they all try to make me join is some kinship website i want to play the game not deal with cunty people like you

you also added nothing to my thread except your need for me to show you proof  of an experience i asked if anyone else experienced this 

you are just like them really

The only person being rude here is you, no wonder you are having issues in the game and on the OF. If you want people to be nice to you then you need to take a good long look at yourself because it is not going to happen without adjusting your own attitude.

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im actually going to check into the psychward before i hurt myself i dont fuckjing post there  on the lotro foruims what the fucki man "

this is the kind of shit imn talking about what the fuck man



Please consider using this service,




they helped me and im sure they can help you. Even if you think they can't give them a try.

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Okay, this escalated quickly. Time to close this topic.

OP: No one here is trying to say you're constantly demanding help. They were asking examples of what you find rude behaviour. Replying with "fuck you" would count as such. Please try to calm down a little in a new topic.

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