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Lotro is on the Top for for the MMORPG Game of the year

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I  looked at it and got the impression you have to register to vote, and I couldn't be bothered, even to vote against LOTRO.  


Aye.. kinda surprised I never registered there.. but I definitely thought ESO deserved a vote and "anything but Lotro" deserved another when i saw them in the final four together.

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That site died over the last year. Their forum traffic took a huge dive. Not sure why. So just a contest they made up on a dead site. 

Aren't most mmo(rpg) sites taking a varying degreees of dive in user activity?  I had that impression for a while.

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How the hell did WoW not make it this far but LOTRO did? That makes no sense.


It is a weird site. Most people on there have played a ton of different MMOs, mostly F2P ones and asian grinders. They are mostly young and have a hatred for WoW.


But the site went from one used by a lot of people for many years, to suddenly having very little use on the forums. The quality of the articles on the site is also really bad. Which probably led to people not going there any more.

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The idiots on the OF forum thinking this proves LOTRO is still the best is a laugh. I mean seriously just look at the population of WOW compared to LOTRO. You cannot tell me that if most who currently play WOW voted that they would still lose over LOTRO. These ones who keep boasting about this on the OF forum are making asses out of themselves. Then there was one who posted saying it'd be nice quality winning over quantity in regards to LOTRO vs. WOW. LMAO are you kidding. If you think LOTRO is still quality, I would hate to see what shitty looks like. LMAO 

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Maybe the Lonely Mountain Band managed to put together an organized push to get votes going.


It doesn't say much for the website that an MMO that's fallen off the map beat the most populated MMO currently running.

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It doesn't say much for the website that an MMO that's fallen off the map beat the most populated MMO currently running.


both the World of Warcraft audience & the league of Legends crowd don't seem to show up en mass to vote for their own games.  but the viewer counts on things like their youtube videos, or presence on twitch, or standing on platforms like Raptr, kinda do an adequate job...


that and the fact when a new person tries out the game...  they WILL encounter lots of people.


all these webzines are falling out of the mass market loop & with the help of paid, sponsored, or just basic old fashioned say something nice or lose access pressures...  these sites have lost the trust of the mass market, because it has (especially recently) become soo painfully obvious, that they fail to represent the interests of the actual consumer...  & that isn't even touching on the politicking.


truth is, only time i ever go to these sites anymore is if a place like here links, & then it already is a negative reference, rather than neutral or positive.


& the reality is, i am ever becoming less inclined to do even that.  so even as click bait, these competitions are failing.


as Darmokk pointed out, they have also not been transparent with participation numbers.  and that is a dead giveaway that votes (participation) is embarrassingly low.


this contest resides right next to irrelevant.


here is similar contest, that actually is transparent with numbers:


& Lord of the Rings Online isn't even a contender.


but it does show one clear thing.  the massive audiences playing games like League of Legends & World of Warcraft, don't really care to show up to vote in a popularity contest.


& why would they, they've already won the sales figures game & participation contest.  what the hell would some fringe sites shallow popularity contest achieve?


& that is why the outcome of this contest resides right next to irrelevant.  the winner stands to garner, next to nothing.


they are already sold if they voted for, & the reach to new eyes...  numbers that will be inconsequential.


i don't fault them for trying, but it is only the tip of the iceberg for what is required for marketing effort.


& this one off schlock is the hallmark of laziness. 


no less, in a spot that has lost what ever reputation it had, as catering to the consumer.

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I find it pretty funny reading some of the comments on their poll. There are numerous turdbine fanboys who are berating Zenimax for advertising the contest, and yet I have seen Turdbine tweet or facebook post about this contest every few days or so for a few weeks. They are trying to get the website to ban all new accounts because "they are not real voters" but then there are others who have said that they voted for Lotro a few days ago when the account they are posting from is literally brand new on the day. What is left of the LOTRO community really does seem to be spoilt whiney children now and that is so sad to see from where it was a few years ago. 


I hope ESO wins, not because its the best MMORPG on the market (because that will always be debatable no matter what the game in question is) but because Turdbine simply do not deserve any accolades for their continued half assed copy paste bullshit that they insist on spoonfeeding their players. You wouldn't applaud your dog for shitting on your rug, don't applaud Turdbine for shitting on a remarkable IP. 

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The winners have been announced, ESO won the poll, with Lotro 2nd, TSW 3rd and Eve 4th. 




There are still people in the comments claiming foul play and wanting all new accounts that voted to be removed. Pretty sad that they can't just accept that their game lost and move on. As time goes on I feel more and more ashamed to be a part of whats left of the Lotro Community when they act this way. 



What really happened

1. Poll allowed votes from brand new accounts -  and unlimited account creation from a single IP - check

2. Poll greatly benefited MMORPG.COM with getting more accounts and traffic - check

3. Game companies that needed the publicity let their playerbase known to go and vote - check


Can we see results that exclude all votes from accounts created in the last month?


Stuff like this is just silly too:- 



"I view The Secret World as the winner based solely on the fact that TSW's community didn't have to play dirty and create lies to try and hurt the competition's reputation, like the Elder Scrolls Online's community did."


People say they like a game for a reason, or they dislike a game for another reason and all of a sudden they must be lying. 

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