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Rift 3.2: Cosmetic system (Wardrobe) revamp

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Very much WIP right now, but the sneak peek detailed above looks amazing. I wasn't expecting Rift's cosmetic system to be vastly improved (it's old-style Lotro now), but wow. I look forward to saving at least 2 bags of vault space per character. :P

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More information: http://riftgrate.com/2015/03/14/rift-news-tidbits-13th-march-2015-wardrobe-system-special/



Wardrobe Collection system will be region-wide.

Dye Bucket System will allow you to unlock dyes account-wide.

How it Works

Any gear in your inventory will automatically unlock that style in your collection if you don’t already have it unlocked. Yep – no need to destroy the gear or equip it; just have it in your inventory and it will unlock. You can then do whatever you want with the actual gear.

Weapon wardrobe won’t require Transmog Baubles – that system won’t exist anymore.

The way weapon wardrobe works is that you’ll have slots to select your weapon costume for each weapon slot per wardrobe set. However, when you equip 1h+oh it will show 1h+oh wardrobe; when you equip 2h it will switch to the 2h wardrobe.

Dyes will be unlockable for unlimited use for a one-time cost. Some colors will initially be unlocked for everyone, and the rest will be for Credits. Some ‘might’ be available via Crafting as well.

(This sounds like a discount to the current system where you can buy some rare Exceptionally dyes during Fashion Week for Credits, but they are one-time use. These new ones will be unlimited use! This also seems to be the only monetary feature for the new Wardrobe improvements, although that isn’t confirmed by Trion yet. At the very least, the main wardrobe collections feature doesn’t seem to cost anything.)

In terms of dyes, the dye color will now be associated with your wardrobe set and the wardrobe gear slot, rather than the item itself. For example, say you have Green as Primary color and Yellow as Secondary color in the Chest slot for Wardrobe Set #3. When you change the Chest piece to a different style, that chest piece will have Green Primary color and Yellow Secondary color. If you use the old chest piece in a different set, the colors it will show will be the colors selected for the Chest slot in that new Wardrobe Set. [Hope that makes sense.] This allows you to use the same item style across wardrobe sets but with different colors, since the dyes won’t be attached to the style, but to your wardrobe set.

The Transition

For current wardrobe items, those will be mailed back to you in ‘neat packages’ (so basically one set per mail) after the update. Your wardrobe sets will still maintain your current appearances for each set, but just in the new format.

Gear styles will be unlocked for your collection when the update occurs, so anything you have just prior to the update will unlock after the update.

Certain items that are rewarded from past achievements will be unlocked for those who have completed the achievements, even if you’ve already destroyed the item. I.e. the Helm of Hydriss from Conqueror: Drowned Halls.

Those who have the Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye from the Ultimate Nightmare Edition pack will have that unlocked automatically as well.

The Future

Trion will look into doing ‘set’ functionality so you can view info on a particular set and which items you are missing from that set. This won’t launch with 3.2, but they hope to have basic support shortly afterwards. [r]

They would also like to add the ability to include title, mount and companion pet selection as part of your wardrobe sets to make it easier to switch between them. Unfortunately no room in current schedule, but it might be something they’ll look at in the future.

Where to Find More Info

Trion will hold a Wardrobe Livestream in two weeks’ time (27th March) showing off the new wardrobe system and will likely reveal any further details.

Some information can be found in today’s Livestream Summary as well.

Sounds cool. A note about the part I underlined, but the baubles used to transform a weapon to a different appearance cost 200 credits in the store, so Trion is effectively removing that potential revenue by using this system, though I don't know how they intend on monetizing this either.

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I wonder what will happen to the baubles people already have in their inventory.

Good question! I have a few in my inventory, most gotten through previous patron gifts or lockboxes or something, but if someone spent the credits, hmmm. I'll check the forums to see if someone has brought that up...

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A lot more details: http://community.riftgame.com/en/2015/03/26/3-2-wardrobe-update/


* Wardrobe appearances can now be collected and used on multiple wardrobes.

* Rename your wardrobe sets.

* Unlock new dye buckets.

* New weapon wardrobe.

* Mark dyes and appearances as favorites.

* Set collections and achievements.


Any weapon cosmetic baubles you have will still work, but will basically be redundant since Trion will stop selling them. I think I'll just use mine before 3.2 hits anyway. The system will be free and automatic for everyone, and only noted monetization is account-wide unlimited dye buckets for credits. I wonder how this will affect apothecary crafting, but maybe it'll be fine when some people would rather spend platinum instead of real-money credits.

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