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Popular Twitch Streamer & WoW player learns some GW2 from a Pro.

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FOREWARNING: the Twitch Streamer & WoW player is Sodapoppin.  a personality that...  definitely not for everyone.  ;)


regardless, i still found this interesting seeing someone who literally knows next to nothing being shown the ropes, from someone who does.  and the vid, in it's own special way... manages to showcase the depth of combat in GW2.



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in the vain of new GW2 players...


new "PUGquest" PvP weekly format starting today.


open to new PvP players, who will be folded into teams with the pro players,  just getting started here:



should last about 3 hours.  have a look-see  ;)


if they save the stream for rebroadcast i'll link that in an edit later.


and here is that EDIT:


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