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Codemasters archive search function?

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This isn't really a suggestion, more of a question...


First let me just say that I love the archive of the old Codemasters forums. I'm having a severe case of LOTRO nostalgia and the archive helps me relive my old memories. :)


However, searching through it is a bit of a pain. The Google custom search function only finds a small fraction of the relevant posts. If I search for my old username it only finds 14 posts and according to the post counter on the forum I had 656 posts. If I go to google.com and search for my username and site:archive.lotrocommunity.eu I find a few more but still only a fraction.


Is there any way to improve the search feature? I would really enjoy reading more of my old spam. :)

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I'm not sure what you want me to link to...


The archived Codemasters forums are here: http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/lord-rings-online-der-herr-der-ringe-le-seigneur-des-anneaux-417.html


The Google custom search is at the top of the page, on the right side. If I search for my old username (Yalle) I only find a few posts. Using google.com I find a few more but still far from all of them (https://www.google.se/#q=yalle%20site%3Aarchive.lotrocommunity.eu).

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Are you able to manually find a post that should come out of the search and isn't?


Yes, one example is this one: http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/quests-690/399465-respawn-skumfil-hm.html


It doesn't show up, neither if I search for "yalle skumfil" here nor if I search for "yalle skumfil site:archive.lotrocommunity.eu" on google.com (results).


Another example is this one: http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/quests-690/329059-vol-ii-book-6-chapter-8-new-devilry.html

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