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Trion takes over community cross-server chat channel

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Well, this is interesting.

Hey, just thought I’d hop on to let you know about an initiative for us to support our community grouping together to help each other out. For those unaware, there has been a player made channel, CrossEvents, for some time now which has players from all NA shards inside of it actively conversing, trading, helping each other out, along with grouping up for dungeons, raids, and PvP. The fact that so many players have gotten together to help each other out is awesome and we love to see that. It goes to show just how creative our players can be in use of our features such as shard hopping, and how they use that to open up the world to the players and play with one another. With the introduction of 3.2 we saw a new feature that allowed you to join a “normal” Events channel and have it broadcast all events to you as they start. Despite this, the CrossEvents channel which was originally made to broadcast events to other players is still thriving.

To further support these player initiatives, we have decided to take a closer look at CrossEvents and what it brings to the players in terms of productivity, fun, and a sense of community. As of next week’s hotfix we will be officially supporting CrossEvents. What does this mean exactly? It means it will be an official Trion chat channel that we support and it will be treated as any other public channel for the most convenience to you, the players.

If you’re not currently in CrossEvents, you can join it at any time by typing /join CrossEvents@Faeblight if you play on NA or CrossEvents@Typhiria if you play on EU. If you are currently in CrossEvents, you should remain in it.

Thanks again for being awesome, and continuing to be. We love to listen to feedback, and this has been something that has been requested and discussed at length. We hope you enjoy your experience in the new CrossEvents, and look forward to hearing about your experiences on the subject!

The CrossEvents channel will now be moderated and everything.

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