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Turbine shutting down?

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I knew the thread title would send some into orgasmic fits.


Well before the transfers I decided I wanted to go VIP for 3 months. So I go to the Tubine site and log in and... the option to buy VIP isn't there.


My credit card info has been cleared.


Phones were closed yesterday. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?574545-Phones-closed-8-13

I can speculate a lot of things :P but I wonder if they are updating the servers there as well as the LOTRO servers?

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I did go look and my credit card info has been cleared as well, which is interesting.

I suspect it's part of getting ready for the transfers.  In case of any oopsies with accounts they may not want to have credit card account info that may or may not get mixed with a different account.


EDIT considering the blind cliff jumping they usually do, if this is the case color me impressed.

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Just went back and it is back up = has the VIP option there and my credit card info is also back.

Strange... if they are doing something with the server why wouldn't they just take the site down or issue a message to explain temporary issues?

Turbine lives! My cc debt grows! And with Turbine... Sh*t happens!

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Don't get your hopes up, it's probably down because of the server merges.

This mmo tragedy will probably continue until turbine ends the story with a black gates season play / boring battle map. After that there'll be a few months of "don't worry we have plenty ideas left so keep buying the latest expansion" gossip and then a sudden "we regret to announce ..."

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