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My Burglar is for PvP so I always used a Quick Knife build just for the DPS. In RvR action it was always easy to kill the low health fleeing Creep with Coup de Grace, but with my server being empty I rarely see a Creep at all so I started using a Gambler build. I can easily flip a Creep held OP (neutral ones are a problem, damn wood trolls) and kill Gorgoris the spider. The DPS isn't bad and the survivibility is much better than QK, but what is really impressive is the chain stuns. I have a QK bag and a Gambler bag and just made a 1st dagger that I'll build around Gambler.


EDIT: I don't know how this tagging thing works.

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When the Gambler was first introduced in Moria, I hated it.

It appears to have become ridiculously powerful.  In addition to the nearly unlimited CC, it also has the single most powerful debuff in the game.

Quiet Knife, on the other hand, seems to suffer a lot from Feint Attack no longer granting from-stealth damage bonuses.


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Hear hear, Belechannas.  I have a gambler burglar that uses a smattering of red line to up the crit chance/damage, and he's a furry-footed master of disabling and debuffing.

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