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TSW - August Update

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Monthly Development Update - August 2015

Hi everyone, Senior Community Manager sezmra here!  In August, we saw the release of the hotly anticipated update, Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below!  We introduced a host of new improvements to the game in addition to new dungeon and raid content!



We have made some remarkable adjustments to raids including bringing the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen back as a 10-man raid of enhanced difficulty and promoting The Eidolon of the Outer Dark to a raid.  The Keys previously utilized to access The Eidolon of the Outer Dark encounter have been changed to become a method of summoning powerful world bosses that require many players to defeat for special rewards!


Most of the numerous in-game currencies have been unified into Black Bullion, and we’ve introduced a new endgame currency, Marks of the Pantheon; these marks are awarded from difficult content such as raids, Nightmare modes, and the new Challenges system.  Players can enjoy four daily and seven weekly challenges that will direct them to undertake specific missions, take on dungeons, complete scenarios, or jump into PvP battles.


Additionally, we transformed the LFG window into a dazzling new Social Window that players can use to specify more about what activities they're up to in-game.  Keep up with what's going down in The Secret World and find fun people to meet up on for good times!  Since the removal of dungeon lock-out timers, players can easily get together for dungeon runs too.


Two new dungeons are included with Issue #12 and we've released the first, The Manufactory, where Orochi enemies are quick to face off with those that brave the high-tech factory.  Shortly after the launch of the Issue, we introduced the Nightmare version of The Manufactory to offer even more of a challenge!



Our community's feedback on Issue #12 has been invaluable!  In response, we’ve included more missions in the Challenges system and even improved some of the new currency rewards, offering players Black Bullion if they were over the cap for Marks of the Pantheon.  The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen's health and behavior was balanced, as well.  These are just a few examples of why player feedback is important to us; we always welcome thoughts and concerns about The Secret World!



Currently, the team is hard at work preparing the second dungeon for release in the coming weeks.  Players will re-visit The Manufactory, noticing the state in which they left it as the storyline leads them further into the Orochi complex.  Expect to confront three new mini-bosses and three new bosses, the first being the vicious looking “mecha werewolf”!




Until next time!



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