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TSW - The Manufactory

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I finally got a chance to run MF, The Manufactory, a few times now and thought I'd give some highlights. I haven't tried NM yet but it promises to be very challenging if Elite is any indication.

No shipwreck or abandoned Soviet Research Facility, no mummies, or demons, nope, this time we're in the guts of the Orochi Tower. The Manufactory is a high-tech facility of glass corridors, gleaming metal, and ROBOTS! It's a very different setting than any of the other Dungeons in TSW, as well as being our first AEGIS Required Dungeon.

My big complaint about MF is the lack of cut-scenes. We do have John whispering to us throughout the space but, at least for me, the lack of cut-scenes is a let down. If you haven't run any TSW Dungeons you might not realize some of the awesome cut-scenes they've done in these spaces, like going to the Polaris 6 boss, which, again imo, is one of the most awesome first run experiences I've ever had in a Dungeon. I still watch that cut-scene when I'm in a group not burning through. MF is not devoid of it's moments though, it does have some sequences that are very cool in their own right.

One of the things I really like is that this instance throws a big FUCK YOU to DPS races. Many of these fights have mechanics that simply must be waited out by DPS or requires them to control how much damage they deal.

Elite Tank Commander

The Commander is a fairly straight forward boss. A small room where he dashes around, and drops AoE's. He also casts an Energy Sphere every so often. One of the players needs to run through the Sphere and soak up a 1k Aegis shot, if not the Sphere explodes and kills everyone. Oh yea, occasionally he runs to the center of the room, pulls everyone to him and begins a spinning attack that will kill you. The attack covers the entire room except for right against the wall. It shouldn't take long for most first time groups to figure out the mechanics and needed skills. The Commander is a fun but not epic fight, it serves it's purpose of getting you on your toes as well as introducing you to things you'll have to watch for later on.

Manticore Imperious-Class Tank

So here we find a Tank and 3 Aegis Towers, one of each color. There's a couple of ways to do this fight but it basically boils down to kill the Towers and the Tank. While you're doing this simple task, the Towers are shooting you and casting large AoE's, as long as 1 Tower has an Aegis Shield up all active Towers Shields will regenerate. Oh yea, the Tank is randomly Turret Blasting people and dropping those Energy Spheres from the first boss. The Tank also casts a delayed AoE. It puts a targeting circle on a random player which will one shot them, unless they're the tank, If anyone else gets in the circle they become the new target. So the groups tank has to run and become the target then move away to drop the AoE spot. It's a nice mechanic and plays well with TSW's movement during combat theme.

Phalanx-Class Cyborgs

For me this is one of the best fights I've seen in a Dungeon in a while. We have three Cyborgs, one of each color. Blue is actually hovering up above the fight with Red and Purple on the ground. They all have a total immunity to damage buff. Almost all attacks are ground target AoE's. When you start the fight the Purple Cyborg will aggro like a normal mob, the Red Cyborg will target and switch to random players and start walking towards them. To remove the Red's Damage Immunity it has to be hit and knocked down by the Purple's AoE, so the Tank and the random player have to sync up to get Red in Purples AoE path.When Red gets up from the knockdown he will do a point blank AoE, if he is under the Blue Cyborg the AoE will knock Blue down and remove his immunity. While the fight is going on Blue will be dropping AoE's on random players that will follow them around. If it hits Purple then Purple will get knocked down and lose his buff. So you have to avoid AoE's, line up mobs and not kill them until you have all the buffs removed, oh yea in the middle of this Drones are spawning that need to be killed. It's a kick ass fight!


The boss that really isn't a boss, lol. This encounter is more of a puzzle than anything. There are several Mitsubachi Cyborgs which all will die fairly easily, they have a buff that the longer they live the stronger they get, oh yea and the rez. While some are dealing with the Cyborgs the rest of the group have to go and gather an item, use it to open some doors, then hack into several computer consoles. While doing this the "hacker" needs to be protected, also other Cyborgs may counter-hack, so you have to find and kill the counter-hacker. When all the consoles are hacked another door opens that you can then shut to lock the Mitsubachi behind you. It's not a difficult encounter and it does a nice job of breaking up the standard old "kill the boss" scenario.

Drone Amalgam

The most visually impressive boss in MF. You have a circular room with a Power Core in the center and Turrets around the perimeter. You strat off with 3 types of Drones. You have to kill three of the large ones to activate the boss. One type of little Drones just need to be killed, the other type also need to die but your Shield must match their color or you'll be one-shot, they also are criss crossing the area with colored beams that will kill you if your Shield is not the same color. Once the third large drone dies several drones will gather at the Power Core and assemble into a boss who will root random players into his AoE. He also has an ability that targets the farthest player away from him that debuffs the player to take double damage if hit a second time with the ability. So you have to cycle 2 players to be far away and eat the debuff. Oh yea and those Turrets are shooting all over the place too.

Scorpius-Class Prototype Mech

Theres a nice pre-fight sequence here that I'll skip spoiling. This is the first fight in TSW to require our Ultimate Ability! When you enter the space you'll notice your "Wings" lose all anima. DPS brings down the Purple and Blue Shields on the Scorpion, then one player goes and stands in the puddles that are spawning around the edges of the room. While in this puddle your Wings gain anima very rapidly. DPS waits, leaving the Red Shield up until the Wings player is fully charged. Bring down the Red Shield as the Wings heads over to an area where many many little scorpion mechs start gathering. He has to time it right and kill all of them with Wings or else they will swarm and wipe the group. After a bit the boss regens all 3 shields and repeat 2 more times. While you're doing all this, the boss will target random players with an AoE DoT that they have to wait and let go off before getting out of, if you move while it's casting you make the AoE Area larger. Also the boss occasionally goes underground and pops AoE damage spots around the room then comes up under a random player and grabs them. Everyone needs to gather next to the grabbed player to distribute the damage or they will be one shot.


I really like this Dungeon a lot, it keeps you active and engaged in the fights and demands control to win. Elite is a good balance of difficulty but not soul crushing. Elite also drops the 2.0 Firmware Update Kits for your Aegis items to upgrade from Green to Blue. If you want some more specific details like gear required or skills/builds just ask and I'll be happy to answer what I can.

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