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Got my Lair Coat.

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Woot, got my Lair Raider Jacket today!

The Achievement is kill all 24 Regular Lair Bosses plus the 3 Regional Lair Bosses. You get the titile "The Boss" and this Jacket:







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In some ways me too. Though I've found in general I much prefer to start a game after it's been live for a year or more. It seems to take companies about a year to shake out the bugs and do some balancing and get the basic game and systems in the shape they want.

Unfortunately I miss out on the "new factor" where there are no spoilers etc. but for the most part that stuff is avoidable with a little effort,

While FunCom may not have the money of a Blizzard or the IP of a LotR, the community and staff are second to none in my book. They use their resources wisely, concentrating on their strong points such as Story, cut-scenes, system and mechanic cores, while not putting as much polish on things like the UI etc. which they keep functional if not pretty.

They've overcome the shortcomings by being very proactive with the modding community going as far as looking at modder's code to help them keep the mods up to date. This is a smart move imo because it does help save resources for what I enjoy and it's just another avenue that they interact with us. For a player like me it's good because I heavily mod anyways to present the incoming information the way I like. They did a smart thing imo with the latest 2 Dungeons by using the same space for both  They are well done and allowed them to give us 2 instances for less cost and let them again use the resources on awesome boss fights and other areas.

The CM's and Devs log into live and play with us or just hang out in Agartha and chat sometimes teasing things like upcoming emotes etc. and the GM's handle things as they should.

The community itself is possibly the best I've ever been a part of, with veterans having set up a channel to help people get through group content and answer questions.  It is to date the only game where I've enjoyed pugging to the point I do it constantly and don't stick to my friends list only.


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You make some interesting points, I did play briefly at launch, one thing I did like about it which have not seen in other mmos is quests that actually make you think and are not obvious in solution. I may give it another try, although my limited playtime due to a full time job and nightschool does limit potential playtime. 

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