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TSW Halloween

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Celebrate Halloween with new Event and Bags!

We invite you to join us for yet another unique Halloween in The Secret World!


You can enjoy a brand new Event, awesome new Halloween Bags and the reactivation of events from previous years. The Event starts today and lasts until the 17th of November!


The Seven Silences 

This year our Halloween Event takes you on a journey through your worst nightmares. The impossible seems to have happened – a fellow Secretworlder has managed to commit suicide. Travel to the Tabula Rasa in London and investigate the mystery, and get ready to face your fears in a harrowing adventure through terrible dreams!


You can also enjoy the events from previous years! If you missed The Broadcast, the Spooky Stories or The Cat God events, or wish to repeat these Halloween mysteries, then jump in and play to celebrate Halloween throughout The Secret World!


New Halloween Bags!

It wouldn't be Halloween without tons of tricks and treats! The Haunted Sundries bag, which you can get from doing the new Event and in the Item Store, and the Sack of Samhain Revels party bag, which is exclusive to the Item Store, contain tons of new Halloween outfits, masks and items for you to enjoy. As usual the party bag can be used to give rewards to up to twenty other players around you, and if you use it around at least ten others you will receive the Spooky Dance!


In the bags you can get the Halloween themed new Geist Rider Bike fire breathing motorcycle, the stylish outfit The Unkindness, many different Latex Masks (Vampire, Werewolf, Shriek and Pumpkin) plus lost of new jewelry, Witch's Claws and much more!


Fresh Hoverboard 

A few days ago an all new Hoverboard was introduced to The Secret World! In honor of Back to the Future day, the 21st of October 2015, you can now zoom around like Marty Mcfly and get the Hover-tech Classic Hoverboard in the Item Store!


Have you ever had a nightmare about being chased?


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